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Travel 7 Countries in 4 Minutes

Which European country is your favorite travel destination?

What can you see in 26 days of travel in Europe?  Come and follow along with me through these seven tantalizing countries and ten sparkling cities.

We first stopped in London.  There I met the famous @Paul_Steele , @CharlesYap and enjoyed a fun tweet-up event with friends.   Read more about it on Tweeting Across Europe With You!

Second stop? Ah, Paris!

I love the site seeing, the baguettes and the amazing cappuccinos.   I want to know — how do the ladies ride their motor and bikes wearing stilettos?   I can barely even balance myself on a bike, let alone look all glam and hot-to-trot.

From Paris to Amsterdam

We then took a little jaunt over to meet up with the extraordinary @Cindyvriend.  The next day I had a beautiful day, taking in the vibrant hues of the magnificent Keukenhof Gardens.   If you love flowers, this magical garden offers tulips galore for your viewing pleasure.

We Didn’t Do Any Fussin’ in Fussen, Germany

The stunning, sensational sights and activities of Germany left us grinning a mile wide.  We stopped at Neuschwanstein — The famous so-called ‘Cinderella Castle’.  Most Americans probably don’t even know that designers modeled Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland after the real Bavarian Neuschwanstein castle in Germany.

Fall in Love with Murren, Switzerland

We were simply smitten with the splendid view of Mother Nature from top of the majestic mountains.   I loved the serenity and the beauty the place offered — definitely one of my favorite stops.

Italy – A Place Where Dreams Meet Reality

Lake Como was also another favorite stop.   We reveled in the food, the scenery and (yes!) the shopping.   I would like to visit southern Italy the next time I vacation in Europe.

It Was Nice in Nice

The French cities of Nice and Cannes are both beautiful and fun to visit.   In between the two famous towns, we stopped at the ancient town of Arles.

I had the best meal in my entire life there.   Seriously.

We found peace and tranquility as we sat out at cafes, taking in the local culture and scenery in Nice and Cannes.

Basking in the Beauty of Barcelona

I probably could spend an entire summer or season in Barcelona, Spain with nary an inkling of homesickness.   I love the culture, the food, and again – yes, you guessed it — the shopping!

Which country from this video would you like to visit, or which country would you like to visit again?

18 July 2012


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  1. Hi Ann,
    Great travel adventures. My favorite is the Neuschwanstein Castle. I have been fascinated by castles since I was a boy, and this is one of my favorites.

    Kind Regards,

    • Ann Tran says:

      Hello Bill,

      Heading back to Germany. Too bad that I will miss the love castle tour this round. Next time… ツ


  2. JanBierens says:

    I may be biased, but #3 is my favorite…

  3. Gary Leach says:

    Thank you it is very ‘nice’:) a great share.

  4. Have you already thought about to visit Salzburg and Vienna in Austria? I’d love to see you there one day.

  5. Ann, this is a great concept! The soundtrack was perfect! Very enjoyable.

  6. I love this post, Ann, and the video is exquisite. I love the vibrant, brilliant colors and the way you captured the true essence of the old country.

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