Living a Fairy-Tale Life at Castle Hotel Schoenburg

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an experience where you felt like you were living the life of a princess in a castle? I can tell you: It is.  I had the pleasure of living like a fairy-tale princess in a picture-perfect castle for a day.  That was one of the stops in Germany I would love to repeat.

I normally do not travel to the same place twice unless I did not have time to explore the area fully, or feel a deep need to return. This world is too big to delve into every corner, but this stop holds a special place in my heart.  The exquisite Castle Hotel Schoenburg in Oberwesel, located in Germany’s middle Rhine area, was so romantic and magical.  I would definitely love to come back here to hike and explore the town.

There were several reasons that I fell in love with this place.  First, it is family-owned; second, each room had its own design and a new room is updated each year.  Thirdly, the view was breathtaking and the engagement that I received on social media from my photo was probably the most I’d ever gotten.  Sometimes the pictures didn’t even look like a real place—no filter was needed to enhance this enchanting hotel.  The food was exceptional and exciting and I still long for their truffle crepes.  And their breakfast is not to be missed!  Fresh fruits and jams, a selection of delicious German meats and cheeses…the buffet table was overflowing, but I was happy to help out by sampling as much as I could.

I could just pretend to be a princess there as long as they would let me stay! 

Please take a virtual tour with me through this wonderful and spellbinding castle.  It’s now my goal to go back and take the Love Castle tour in the near future.

What a magical trip in middle Rhine area. #Germany
Another breath taking view from the beautiful Castle Hotel Schoenburg in Oberwesel, German middle Rhine area.
Living in a dreamlike “Sleeping Beauty” fantasy castle for a day. Feeling like a princess..


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