Your Asia trip just got better with these helpful hints

Your Asia trip just got better with these helpful hints

Do you have a business trip to Asia or a vacation to the exotic Far East around the corner?

Lucky you!

And just in time is this cheat sheet – an infographic of tips to help orient you to a different way of doing business and making new friends. You can find more details on these tips in my article on Azamara Club Cruises.

Even though I spent part of my childhood in Asia (and the majority of my formative years in the United States), I still felt the need to text my aunt to check with my grandmother when I attended a springtime wedding in Vietnam. You see, I was thinking of wearing a red dress to the big ceremony, but I was hesitant on my choice of color. Because the United States is so flexible and “free,” it’s doubly important to be mindful and sensitive when visiting other countries.

I can’t claim the wisdom of my grandmother, but I offer you the following guidelines when in Asia.



I cruise with @AzamaraVoyages on a regular basis. I love sharing tips, beautiful images, culture and anything fun I pick up along the way. I would love for you to cruise virtually through my images with me at AnnTranFashion.

22 July 2016


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