7 Ways to get Retweeted


☆ Tweet topics that everyone enjoys.

☆ Try to provide a variety of Retweetable tweets.

☆ Be generous with your Retweets and in time you will be noticed.

☆ Pay it forward when possible and recognize people who Retweet you frequently.

☆ Your Retweeters will love to frequent your page to find and share quality content.

☆ Try to find someone new each day to Retweet and expand your Retweet Twitter circle.

If you want to get someone’s attention, repeatedly Retweeting different tweets of theirs at once will get you noticed. When I saw @awakeningaimee ‘s smiling avatar on my reply page where she had retweeted five different tweets of mine in a row – in effect inviting me to visit her home page and Retweet her. I was happy to return the favor.

Thank you for your kind and generous Retweets.

I truly appreciate your support! ツ

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46 Replies to “7 Ways to get Retweeted

  1. Ann – Having thought about this a little longer, I might also add, Don’t Be Boring.

    Mix it up. Consistency does not mean tweeting the same things,in new packages,all the time. People have varied interests and will want to read,and respond to, more of your content if it is varied in nature.


  2. Good to know for the newbie. I always end up retweeting what I find interesting and helpful. I believe that social media can be wonderful to spread the word. I certainly have learnt a lot and got to know things I would not have otherwise. Thanks Ann for this post that tells more on how to share knowledge and hopefully some wisdom. 🙂

    1. Hi Scott,

      Basic tips and they work beautifully for me. Although these days, it is much harder for me to reciprocate.


  3. Should we thank people for retweeting? Seems like more noise. Instead of thanking us, tweet or retweet about us. THAT is appreciation

  4. I like to pick a handful of people each month to focus on. Then I make sure to pay special attention to their tweets & content.

    I also try to add some meaningful comments on their blog if they have one. With some focus and attention, you will catch their attention. Individuals with a bigger audience will require additional work obviously.

  5. Thanks, Ann, for this reminder that the real power of Twitter is that it helps us find and share with those who have similiar interests. I’m relatively new to Twitter and in just a short time have already learned much from the fine folks I’ve met there.


  6. Excellent advice, Ann! Your tips resonate with me and I enjoy all of what you do. I start our each day reading your tweets. I draw great insights and wisdom.

  7. Hi Ann, I came over thanks to Terry Conti, who mentioned this post in a comment hew left for me on my blog.

    Thanks for the tips for ReTweeting, I have had someone retweet many of my tweets in a row and it did grab my attention and open up a relationship. Which is a reminder to self that i need to get in touch with them again as they were going into hospital.

    I’ll visit your twitter page and get the ball rolling.

    Thanks again for the tips, i’ll start using them straight away.


  8. Hi Ann,

    Re-tweeting is powerful. A lot of people that use Twitter do not know the free traffic they can get if they re-tweet valuable tweets.

    Re-tweeting valuable tweets is a win, win.

    Terry Conti

  9. Anne you are amazing! Watching you grow, knowing you personally and having had opportunity to shine in your light, my life is better and blessed by you!
    This is a fantastic blog post from someone who REALLY knows what they are talking about?

  10. Ann,

    I am deeply honored that you mentioned me in your story & deeply appreciate you as well as the compliments. I feel truly honored to know you & consider you a wonderful friend. Twitter is a blessing that allows us to find info, friendship, affirmation & to inspire each other. You always bless me in all these areas with your thoughtful, entertaining & inspiring tweets. I am so thankful for you.

    Keep up the good work.


    Aimee (aka @awakeningaimee)

  11. Agree with most of what you say Ann but would add that I think that when people are starting off on Twitter they should pick say 10 key people in their niche and focus on retweeting them. Make these people who both retweet themselves and also retweet and soon all their friends will flock to you

  12. Ann, I love the fresh simplicity of this charming little post!

    Thank you for sharing your positive Twitter tips with us.
    I believe, Twitter helps to make the world a little bit smaller and a whole lot nicer.


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