Top 10 quotes/selections by the Twitterati Part 4

Here is the fourth, of  my Twitterati Series of top 10 quotes collected from our Twitter family. I find daily inspiration in the quotes found on Twitter (both originals or something someone has paraphrased with a special spin).  I am able to get a sense of the tweeter’s personality, as I read the numerous quotes seen on my stream.

It is such a pleasure meeting new friends, as I have been composing the Twitterati Series. I look forward to featuring additional friends soon.

Please enjoy the new top 10 quotes!

Tweets are most effective when used to inspire, inform and empower.
— by @2morrowknight
Let your smile be your weapon of mass inspiration.
— by @HennArtOnline
It’s a new day to… eat better, drink better, move more, love more.
— by @joycecherrier
May the Angels of relaxation, courage and strength be with you today!
— by @Marcome
When you want to sing, SING! When you want to dance, DANCE! Life is too short to be spent holding back.
— by @milkyc0w
Choices sometimes are hard, but the ones felt by the heart are normally right on.
— by @OurTownMagazine
Opportunities might be limited but possibilities never end, don’t give up so easily.
— by @SyedAli_Shahab
There is no use in worrying about things you cannot change.
—  by @terrinakamura
Intuition is the pull of your heart by your guiding star.
— by @ZAGrrl
I look within myself for the answers.  #Georgism
— by @Zaharoff
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