Top 10 quotes/selections by the Twitterati Part 5

Here is the fifth, of my Twitterati Series of top 10 quotes collected from our Twitter family. I love quotes that come into the Twitter stream, whether they are original or a reposting paraphrased with a special spin. Some show great originality and some a sense of humor that offers a glimpse of the writer’s personality.

It’s been a pleasure getting to know some great new friends, an added bonus to enjoying such insightful quotes. I’m looking forward to featuring more friends in the future.

I know you’ll enjoy these new “Top Tens.” ツ

If you’re remembered by your action and not your intention, heck, make that action count!
— by @douglasi
5 Reasons Content Circulates: 1) Source 2) Headline/Typography 3) Timing 4) Presentation 5) Value
— by @Flipbooks
Be creative, Take chances, don’t be afraid Of making mistakes. For it is from this that we learn.
Recover, Renew, Reflect, Regain, Regrow, Reconnect, Relax
— by @jeanwethmar1
Drink all the wine you want, I can make more ツ
— by @passaggio
Don’t give up on yourself nor lose faith. You were born with greatness and love because that is who you are.
— by @ROC_NB
Keep company with people who support, uplift and inspire you.
— by @ShiCooks
No need to please everyone. Live life with confidence as you’re unique in your own way just like the others.
— by @shilpiiz
Your fitness is 100% mental. Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it.
— by @SmashFit
Imagine the productivity gains if we just treated each other better.
— by @smaxbrown
You know life is good when you have a smile on your face as well as a smile in your heart.
— by @SuuperG
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3 Replies to “Top 10 quotes/selections by the Twitterati Part 5

  1. What an honor to be part of such an inspirational set of quotes. Thank you Ann! Let’s continue to spread wealthy of positivity.

  2. So very sweet of you to compile this and to include me, hon! I’m so happy I got to meet you and giggle with you in New York xo Keep smiling, in your heart as well as your beautiful face 🙂

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