How to get noticed on Twitter

Want to get noticed on Twitter? I’d like to share some basic Twitter tips with you.  I hope these fundamental points will help.

The first important thing to do is click the follow button.  If you don’t follow people, they are most likely not going to follow you—unless you are a superstar!

When I see a tweet I enjoy, and if the name or avatar is unfamiliar, I click to see if I am following that person, check their content, and if I like it, click the follow button.

Aim to deliver consistent quality and fresh content.  People come to your stream for unique messages, links and tips that will provide entertainment, wisdom, or perhaps even inspiration.

Think of yourself watching television; what channels do you normally tune into and why?  I like to be entertained while I am learning.  On Twitter, I enjoy a positive stream, something that makes me laugh or stimulates my thought process.

Strive to provide a mixture of content on your page.  If all you have are pages of conversations, the reader may think you just use Twitter for chat sessions and shy away from your page.  If you only offer pages of links or quotes, that may discourage a follow back.

Frequent re-tweeting shows you are promoting your friends and giving back; but it’s still a good idea to provide your own findings and share them with your followers.  Balance is essential!

Engage with the individual by re-tweeting them, asking them a question, or making a comment about a post they sent out.  I might re-tweet a person three to five different times in a row to get their attention, because a single re-tweet could be buried in their reply stream.  This method works well for me.  This approach also works if you would like them to re-tweet you.  Please see my post on:  7 ways to get Retweeted.

The more you re-tweet and the more you post, the more your user handle will appear on other peoples’ pages, which in turn will give you more exposure to their followers.  @2morrowknight says, “Tweets are more effective when used to inspire, inform and empower.”

The keys to Twitter are to enjoy,  have fun, and share.

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37 Replies to “How to get noticed on Twitter

  1. That was nice to go through! I’ve been and understand having to RT, and tweet own material. Balance is essential as you mention.

    Again, fun to read-through, and in different aspects of exchanging and discerning data.

    Thanks, @SRPGer

  2. Dear Ann ~ Great advice for getting noticed on Twitter. I especially liked your analogy to finding what channel to watch on television. Blessings, Debby

    1. Hi Dave,

      #Tip: Stuck at the #2000 following limit? Unfollow some who don’t follow you, then follow those who will. Hope that helps.

      — Ann

  3. When I started out on YouTube I found that there were people who had a large number of subscribers that were happy to help me get into the process of growing my channel. Now I see that there are “big time tweeters” who are also very generous with tips and teaching others how to reach out on twitter and do the same. Thanks!

  4. Good advice. I think I will agree when you say that ‘balance is essential’. Also, It is refreshing to get through to people sometimes. Too many ‘twitters’ close their minds to the stream and continue to advertise blindly;it’s a shame.Of course, Twitter is here to help promote and inform but communication means a lot more.

  5. Great tips Ann! I think the most important thing for professionals (RDs, MDs, etc.) is to BE YOURSELF. Too many try to stay so professional that they can’t even have a fun conversation. People want to have fun and relate. It’s important to relax and be yourself!

  6. Great tips Ann. As always, providing engaging, original and diverse content is key to attracting and building a community of like-minded twitizens. I often look up tweeps I see my friends RTing and following to find new content and connects. I also look at friend lists of peeps who don’t follow me, like authors, journos and ‘SM gurus’ to find new sources of information and inspiration. I also follow lists by the amazing @2morrowknight and create easy-to-follow, all-in-one lists such as @ckburgess & @tompick’s #nifty50 Men and Women (guess that makes it 100!), so I can always go there to entertain myself, meet and engage with people I don’t yet, but should, know. I LOVE lists and you are welcome to use any of mine. I also tweet ‘right now’ pictures and photo stories for variety, immediacy and easy viewing and sharing. And always observe The Four Golden Rules of Twitter: Be Honest; be Human; be Helful; be Humble.
    And above all, be nice.

  7. Great post Ann! I agree, Twitter is a platform where we share, learn, inform, engage and meet or I should say follow new people too. Thanks for sharing your views.

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