Top 10 quotes/selections by the Twitterati Part 6

How time passes while you tweet! It’s already time to launch the sixth issue of my Twitterati Series of Top 10 Quotes shared by our Twitter family. Some show impressive originality in their original form, and others in their paraphrasing or clever twists.

It’s been my privilege to make many new friends through Twitterati and I’m looking to meeting many more.

It’s time to kick back and enjoy the next issue of “Top Tens.” Enjoy!

Five years from now Twitter might be the next MySpace, the thing will last is the real relationships you build today.
— by @cammipham
In my darkest hours, I hold still. My eyes adjust. I can see my path.
— by @DaviesWriter
#TwitterTip: Social graces still in style! Tweet positive, kind and gracious and humor is fun too.
— by @HowellMarketing
Create magic moments by maintaining a grateful heart and loving thoughts.
— by @isazapata
Lifestyle Tip: Surround yourself with people who lift you up, make you laugh and inspire you to be amazing.
— by @mamabritt
If twitter doesn’t make you happy or put a smile on your face, you are not following the right people.
— by @mamiof3kids
Retweeting is the best compliment you can give someone. ツ
— by @michael_duvall
We tweet, we share, we smile and support and I thank You!
— by @paul_steele
T.W.I.T.T.E.R = Tweet With Integrity To Then Earn Respect.
— by @rM1L
Something as simple as a smile can change everything.
— by @StephenWelton
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7 Replies to “Top 10 quotes/selections by the Twitterati Part 6

  1. Your site brings such unique and serenity to my soul. I am one of your followers on Twitter and I have noticed the sweet peace that comes from your tweets. I am apart of an organization called “Mission Possible” who believes in spreading peace and unconditional love to the streets.

    May you be filled with the light of love that can only come from a selfless heart like yours, God bless you…

    Alex & Erica Smith,
    Mission Possible

  2. Loved them all, wanted to see more. They were so good it didn’t seem like I had read ten. Had to go back and count them. :o)

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