Top 10 quotes/selections by the Twitterati Part 9

Here is the ninth of my Twitterati Series of Top 10 Quotes collected from our Twitter family. I love quotes that come into the Twitter stream, whether they are original or a reposting paraphrased with a special spin. Some show great originality and some a sense of humor that offers a glimpse of the writer’s personality.
It’s been a pleasure getting to know some great new friends, an added bonus to savoring such insightful quotes. I’m looking forward to featuring more friends in the future.
It’s time to kick back and enjoy the “Top Tens”!
♥°¨¨°♥ HAPPINESS and JOY to EVERYONE ♥°¨¨°♥ Send It Forward!
— by @DrJeffersnBoggs
Worrying about your Klout score is like weighing yourself everyday!
— by @lorimcneeartist
Seek Loving Souls to create A Circle of ·**•.♥ LOVE ♥.•**·
— by @LoriMoreno
Do something extraordinary, that you are not planning or expecting to do, during the rest of this week.

— by @mqtodd
Tweet ups are the frosting on the cupcake of Twitter. ツ
— by @PegFitzpatrick
Listen with your heart to the silent voice that only whispers words of truth. #thoughtsoftheheart

— by @roxanamjones
A smile and a kind word go a long way. Love this gig called LIFE!
— by @SusanLorelei
BE Authentic, don’t just ACT it.
— by @TedRubin
Twitter is a place where one person can help another person anywhere in the world.
— by @TweetSmarter
We each have a choice, and with each action we either feed or starve our life force. #ThoughtsOfTheHeart
— by @WisdomalaCarte
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  1. Amazing as always I love them thanks Ann for putting this together.

    BTW do you think you can add the share button at the end of the post. It makes sharing much easier. If you need help let me know, more than happy to help

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