The Joy of Simple Things

When I feel my energy needs a recharge, I go for a walk in nature because that is a place I know will refresh me.  It is the joy of simple things, life’s simple pleasures, that we sometimes forget to do.

I love photographing nature and other things that make me come alive!  Photography is a hobby I enjoy, and would love to share my photos with you to show how simple things can bring you joy!

So what little treat can do the trick for you?

Here are ten simple things that bring me endless joy and contentment.

  Capturing a magical moment through my camera lens brings such delight to my day.  I love photographing butterflies, beaches, rainbows and LIFE!  Although there are times the picture does not paint what I see, there are those rare moments when I get lucky and capture that perfect picture.
  A frothy cappuccino is my favorite morning routine while I tweet to the world and catch up on my news.
  Savoring a glass of wine while enjoying my own thoughts or the company of good friends and family is a treasure.
  Walking in nature or in a quiet garden makes my soul bubble with gratitude!
  Watching magical clouds go by while appreciating LIFE with enthusiasm empowers me.
  Vibrant colors in nature brings a big SMILE to my face.

London Tweet-up with @Paul_Steele
  Smiles and laughter with friends reminds me that LIFE is wonderful!
  Serenity and tranquility reenergizes me and brings me peace and reflection.

Emma loved flying unlike her owner.
  Memories of my golden retriever, Emma bring me comfort and warmth.
  Being at the beach makes me childlike and thrilled to be ALIVE!
  Photography by Ann Tran
Top photo of me with camera by @sheconsulting
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31 Replies to “The Joy of Simple Things

  1. Best article I have ever seen! May your expression of joy and awesomeness spread throughout the internet world to bring joy and comfort to as many people as possible! Great post!

  2. Thanks Ann,I truly enjoyed reading through your simple pleasures and it did raise my spirit and remind me that life is simple.We just need to appreciate what we already have

  3. Hey Ann! 🙂
    Simple things make us happy and we can find this happiness anywhere.. See even these pics made me happy:)
    Love all the pics you have included but specially like tweet up with Paul one..:) nice pose and the one in which you are jumping with joy!
    Cheers to beautiful life!

    1. Hi Krystyn,

      This was a fun post for me to share. I love working on my photo blogs. Thank YOU for stopping by to say hi! Happy Chinese New Year!

      ♥ Ann

  4. CLOUDS! That one really made me smile. I’m always stopping to appreciate a beautiful cloud, and have taken so many cloud photos over the years that mean nothing to anyone else but me.

    Lovely to see a fellow cloud lover out there…

  5. Thank you for sharing your pictures and thoughts!
    Inspires me to see the present and reflect on the
    past in a new way! Peace be with you always!

  6. Great post Ann. I love the pictures 🙂 Is that you attached to that parachute? Amazing.

    My list would be:

    Running very early in the morning before people are out, nature walks, coffee, and insane servings of Italian food.

    I now want to add the cappuccino in that image to my list 🙂

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