Is This The Most Luxurious Tweet-up Yet?

A few days ago some of my Twitter friends and I attended an amazingly luxurious Four Seasons Georgetown Twitter SPArty!

Our hostesses Liliana Baldassari @LiliBaldassari and Julia Boeminghaus from the Four Seasons @FSWashington in Georgetown, D.C.  welcomed us with a festive and healthy breakfast to prepare us for our spa treatments.

Please note that the Four Seasons invited us as their guests for this extravaganza.

Here we are from left to right @AnnTran_ , @poshbrood , @KateBennett_CF , @Verve_Fitness, @TommyMcFLY , @MomsofAmerica , Angela Bolmanski and Julia Boeminghaus pretending to ignore each other while texting our excitement to each other and to our Twitter streams.

Displayed at our breakfast table were adorable cookies of social media logos such as Facebook, Twitter and Four Square.  The Four Seasons team did an outstanding job adding elegance to each detail.  The chef even made personalized cookies with our Twitter names on them.  Then to top things off, our Twitter handles were on our lockers along with personalized embroidered bathrobes.
I enjoyed the Four Seasons gold and diamond facial.  I like their advanced and progressive technologies and am really impressed by the results.  Beauty maintenance is something I keep up on a daily basis.  Just like the importance of your mind as your body, it is key to keep up with your skin regimen.  This method of non-invasive treatments does not alter the true beauty of your face.  I believe if we keep up with a beauty regime then we can grow older gracefully.
In the picture below, I am not wearing makeup except loose powder to eliminate the shine for photos.  I volunteer this information because I want us women to be confident with ourselves and to consider the alternative approaches in maintaining our beauty.  I understand that some of us are blessed with good genes, but I truly believe that we should take care of our health. Eating right, having a positive outlook on life, exercising, and even monthly facials or massages are ingredients of treating yourself well.  I understand, the price of beauty is costly, but if you are able to fit this in your budget, I highly recommend this treatment.
After our spa treatment, we had a wonderful lunch at the Bourbon Steak restaurant.  I will definitely suggest the Bourbon Steak restaurant to my out of town Tweeters for our Tweet-ups. (Their menu includes options for vegans.) We spent the entire day at the Four Season Georgetown SPArty, and I didn’t want to leave the wonderful hospitality of the hostesses.

While I was reminiscing and writing this post to you, I wished I could hit the rewind button to take me back to last week’s luxurious #FSSparty! Right then, I then saw this cute phrase on my TweetDeck from @poshbrood, “Clicking my heels to see if we can be magically be transported back #FSSpa.”
See you soon Julia Boeminghaus and @LiliBaldassari at the @FSWashington and thank you for a splendid day with your lovely team!
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8 Replies to “Is This The Most Luxurious Tweet-up Yet?

  1. Ann, I loved your Four Seasons spa pictures a lot, you tweeps look so radiant and am sure you all must have had loads of fun. I wish we had such events in India too 🙂 Four Seasons is truly a progressive brand to have used Social Media so successfully.

  2. Have you heard of the TV show “Wife Swap”, where the women trade places for a week? Well, I want a “Life Swap”, trade places with you for a month! I don’t have a hubby to swap but I do have Dweeble (cat) and Chachi (dog). They are super cute and funny too. 🙂
    Love the post! It looks like a great time was had by all. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Ohh so gorgeous! Love the peek into the fun, luxurious and rejuvenating spa day!

    I need a spa day too!
    Thanks for sharing!


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