Rays of Light

Recently, my husband and I went to the Green Brier Resort for a weekend getaway.  As we walked into the posh resort, the ornate chandeliers captured my eyes. The fixtures beamed glistening rays of light in each room.  The different styles of chandeliers were made from different components such as crystal, brass, bronze, pewter, wood, and wrought iron. Many of the candelabrums had intricate carvings that added to the elegance of the twinkling fixtures.

The chandeliers added such a dramatic and enchanting feeling to the rooms as you will see from the photos below. I loved the bold colors and the rich tones and the way the light fixtures accented each room as we strolled through the mansion.

The sparkling chandelier created different mood settings at breakfast and dinner. The sun light reflected off the many facets and created rays of magical light both in the daylight and the evening.

The word chandelier: meaning candleholder comes from ‘chandelle’,
the French word for candle. It’s applied to a light fixture suspended from the
ceiling, usually having branch supports and two or more candles or electric lights.


I hope you take a moment to indulge in these beautiful shimmering chandeliers as your eyes wander over these photographs.

Photography by Ann Tran
Cover Photo  from The Palace of Versailles
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7 Replies to “Rays of Light

  1. Ann, not only do you amaze me with your skills in using a camera but you also really choose the most unique subject material. The Green Brier resort is so pretty & I’ve never seen such an array of chandeliers all in one place!

  2. Wow! Great post Ann! The Green Briar resort is gorgeous and your pictures of the chandeliers are fab!! What an amazing array of lights! xo

  3. Not only are these beautiful pictures, but they’re also amazing chandeliers! I’ve never seen so many in my life, what an experience this must have been!


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