Shining Holiday Spirit at the Georgetown Jingle

Families will gather for the sixth-annual Georgetown Jingle in Washington, DC. Each year, the Four Seasons Hotel, JDS Designs, and The Washington Design Center host this family-friendly holiday extravaganza.

On December 11th, twelve talented interior design teams will showcase evergreen trees and crafted items that they have adorned with elaborate ornaments.  Proceeds from this holiday event will benefit pediatric oncology programs at Georgetown University Hospital. The Georgetown University Hospital pediatric patients and their families are the inspiration for the event and each designer creation. The participating designers bejeweled the Four Seasons Hotel Washington with original festively themed tree and elegant creations.

The Georgetown Jingle trees are on displayed from December 1st through December 12, 2011 in the Four Seasons Hotel lobby. The holiday creations are available for purchase for a stated “buy it now” price. Georgetown Jingle attendees can bid on any remaining inspired holiday décor not sold in advance during the event’s silent auction.

I had an opportunity to meet and talk with the talented designers. The designers devote their time, talents and materials for the twelve festive holiday creations.  Each is actually a unique work of art.  Some of the design teams started on this as early as August this year.

The designers did such a remarkable job at capturing the spirit of the holidays.  I can feel the love in their voices as they shared their experiences with me. They put their heart and spirit into their designs. You will see the love that was put in the trees or art pieces when you come out to join the festivity at the Four Seasons Hotel lobby on December 12th.

Michael Roberson is this year’s design chair and selected, with the committee, the 2011 designers and themes.

Now, I invite you to enter the spirit of the holidays and find homes for these stunning trees. These beautiful, delicate trees are captured in these remarkable photos. However, if you are in the Washington, D.C. area, I highly recommend that you go and see the amazing trees, meet the brilliant designers and share in the festivities.  Georgetown Jingle attendees can bid on the remaining inspired holiday décor during the event’s silent auction.   For more information about the event and ticket prices, please visit

Peace on Earth by Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey
There is a calm, quiet place within us that gently unfolds as we contemplate Peace. Instantly a library of imagery comes forth when we reflect on the phrase “Peace on Earth,” from doves carrying olive branches to those wonderful pictures of our planet from space.
My friend and sculptor Lisa Schumaier has conjured the cerebral feelings of peace without dogmatic seriousness in the faces of these angels. Their fun paper skirts and feathered wings give you a sense that peace is a unique feeling to us all. The center wreath with its reflective qualities is a collage that celebrates the holiday season with an emphasis on unity around the world. To quote one of my favorite songs: “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me, let there be peace on earth a peace that was meant to be, let us walk with each other in perfect harmony.”
Candy Christmas Tree by Patrick J. Baglino Jr.
This is a tree of delight. It is gloriously adorned to honor the children. The children we celebrate and the children found within all of us. This tree stands courageous and strong gently embracing the sweetness of life. The bright colors and light radiate warmth and merriment. The tree is grounded in kindness and compassion, hope and unity, admiration and love. It is sugared with gobstoppers of gratitude and seasoned with laughter, smiles and holiday cheer.
Candy cascades up, down and all around this Christmas tree. It is decorated with oversized Lolly Pops, a sea of Swedish Fish, giant Gobstopper ornaments, mountains of M&M’s, a gathering of Gummi Bears and many more surprises! It is chock full of edible candy and confections from Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City and East Hampton, New York. The flavorful candy is accompanied by festive holiday ribbon and decorations, twinkling lights and a tree-topper of vintage-inspired toys.
The Poet Tree by Wendy Danziger
Simply put, this tree is designed to delight children and adults alike with its poetry penned by local poet Diane Ambur. Inspirational to us is the dynamic courage of all the patient ambassadors, and we are doing our best to make them smile!
The whimsy of Diane’s words, elegantly printed on custom scroll like paper, combined with eye catching eggplant flowers and sage ribbons will project the warmth of the season.
“Green” Wine Bottle Tree by Molly Kunselman, Kate Robertson and David Yoder
Repurposing wine bottles and architectural salvage to create a modern interpretation of the traditional Christmas Tree, the Corcoran College of Art + Design ASID Student Chapter designed a tree that emulates all things eco-chic. Measuring approximately seven feet tall and four feet wide at the base, this tree is the centerpiece of any space. The steel frame is custom-welded and comes apart for easy transportation and storage. The bottles, in varied shades of green, are subtly illuminated creating an ethereal and romantic effect. Through its reuse of elements from both high society (wine tasting) and the mundane (structural materials), this tree illustrates the most sophisticated interpretation of recycling: it is timeless and can be re-used year after year, or become a unique fixture in your home year-round! This tree celebrates the forms, colors and traditions of Christmas while escaping the trap of consumption and materialism that overshadows the true meaning of the season.
A Caribbean Christmas Fantasea by Dee Thornton
Our “Fantasea” tree is designed in honor of our Patient Ambassador, Devan, who loves sea creatures of all sorts, but especially dolphins. Glistening in beautiful Caribbean colors – turquoise, blue-greens and chartreuse – our tree is a celebration of the Holidays with tropical flare. The tree is lit with LED white lights and ornamented with many creatures from the deep – dolphins, seahorses, turtles and colorful reef fish. For Devan, and all the Patient Ambassadors, we wish you joy and good health during this Holiday Season and in the coming years.
The Golden Rule Tree by Gloria Blalock
‘The Golden Rule’ is the principal of doing unto others, as you would have others do unto you. Everything that inspires me about the Georgetown Jingle is rolled up into this single phrase. So this tree is filled with Golden Ornaments and hundreds of white lights, which encompass the name better than any definition I can give it.
Far East Holiday by Joe Ireland & Edith Gregson
Bonsai trees are a spectacular illustration of man and nature working in harmony to create exceptional living forms. In the case of our Bonsai, the very nature of creativity took hold of our man-made concept; spinning it from a simple, zen-like design to one of playful proportion and style with bright colors, glittering lights, and unexpected details from Bonsai leaf to table toppings.  Honoring the original purpose of live Bonsais, ours has been created for the contemplation and enjoyment of the viewer.
Bling in the New Year by Camille Beers
Swarovski crusted stainless steel structure with crystal swags, laser baroque base with crystal detailing and a hand crafted Victorian inspired tree skirt by Jingle Ambassador Hannah and her mother Jessica.  Stainless Steel Structure by 44 Steel – Jason Radcliffe of Cleveland Ohio and Swarvoski “bling” embellishments by “Lets Crystal It” – Jayme Mortman of West Palm Beach.
The Holidays  Naturally by Rosie Sauser
Fragrant and evergreen, this living, conical Bay Laurel Topiary celebrates nature indoors during the winter holidays. Planted in a Winter Berry Red, Porcelain Garden Pot by Cultivated Gardens, the tree will last for years if, after the holidays, it is placed by a sunny window during the coldest days of the year. Later it should be brought outside for the warm months.
Garlands of berries, herbs and twigs spiral around the tree attracting birds and bird lovers. Wood Cardinals designed by Rosie and created by craftsman Mark Edward Mostrom hang decoratively from the branches and sit as if pecking the seeds and berries on the snow covered ground. Subtle LED lights recommended by lighting designer, Karen Olson Weaver brighten the arrangement.
The Gift Tree by Gary Lovejoy & Chutima Green
Multi-size cubes stacked into an abstract shape to mimic a holiday tree. Some solid and some open with gifts of children’s books, musical toy instruments and baseballs; all interests of Adam. Materials: acrylic cubes in red, clear and white; metal cubes in white and silver.
Peaceable Kingdom by Claire, Eleanor, Joe Niermann, and Eleanor McKay
The Niermann Weeks tree is inspired by Edward Hicks’ painting, Peaceable Kingdom, ca 1830-32, reflecting on the prophet Isaiah (Bible, Isa. 11:6): The wolf shall also dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. We made our tree from fallen logs and branches gleaned from the woods on our property. Painted white, this framework of branches supports a veritable menagerie of hand cut animal ornaments painted in a variety of our gilded finishes. The eleven-foot tree rests in a custom metal planter, finished in Venetian silver leaf with antiqued mirror panels.
Photography by Kevin Allen
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6 Replies to “Shining Holiday Spirit at the Georgetown Jingle

  1. Ann,

    Beautiful efforts by the creators/designers as well as participants who support this worthy cause.

    I was in my early 50s when diagnosed with cancer. At that point I felt I’d lived an extraordinary life, so if it had to end, it could do so without regret on my part. This wouldn’t be the case for a child.

    My hope is that it will be soon possible for more children to survive and thrive beyond cancer. Many thanks to people like you who support children and their families as they traverse this difficult journey. And hats off to those who support efforts to advance research and treatment possibilities so important work can flourish.

    Nice photos, by the way! And thank you, as always, for all you do for others.

    Warm regards, Terri

  2. Hi Ann,

    I am new to your site. Came over here from Harleena who recommended you as one of her sunshine. Great job with this site and I can see why she loves your blogging.

    The colourful trees and simplicity brightened my day already. I am always a fan of Christmas, but too bad Singapore does not have any white Christmas. Christmas is never the same without snow. Years ago, I had the opportunity to spend a real Christmas in Vancouver. It snowed heavily during that period. Simply wonderful. Needless to say, I built a snow man too.

    These trees are really very good. My favourite is Bling in the New Year. Its futuristics and says a lot about the designer with this form of creative ideas. the other good one is the Gift Tree. So artistically well done with simple boxes and gifts. Oh love them.

  3. Ann, thank you for bringing this worthy cause to our attention. The amazing featured artists should be commended as their passion, energy and commitment speak loudly and clearly via the respective art works. In advanced societies such as ours, similar events ought to be held more than once a year, if only to remind ourselves that “we are spiritual beings having a human experience” – and not vice versa. [part of a quote by Pierre Teilhand de Chardin] Cheers!

  4. Thank you, Ann! Means a lot to me that you were able to visit the Four Season and see the beautiful trees and vignettes. I absolutely love this event because it’s the design community coming together to help some amazing kids going through something they shouldn’t have to go through!

    I volunteer and sit on the Jingle committee. Every year, it’s always about the kids. This year, it happens to hit home more because Dr. Shad and her team at Georgetown University Hospital are now treating my nephew.

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