10 Bloggers Share Their 2012 Blogging Formula

How do you decide how often to blog?  It’s a fact that blogging can definitely burn you out fast if you’re not careful!  So when you do get burnt-out, take a mini-break in order to refocus your efforts and then return to the scene refreshed.  I took three weeks off at the end of this past year and recharged, and ultimately I came back with fresh blogging ideas and many fun topics.

I was curious about how others bloggers deal with this, so I reached out to ten bloggers and asked for their perspectives on how they will approach blogging in the coming year.  I will be providing their important feedback later in this post, but first I would like to share my experience with you.

During my first year of blogging, I only posted 22 articles, which equals about one or two posts a month.  After my one year anniversary, I felt I needed to write at least once a week.  Obviously, I saw a shift in traffic right away. You often get back into an endeavor what you are willing to put into it, and in my opinion once a week works for me.

I see other writers who deliver one post a day, usually based on high quality content.  This amazes me!  Blogging daily works for some people, but it might not work for others.  I have found that if you create new and unique content that is written in an enjoyable style, your readers will most likely want to see what you have to say next. The more often you publish notable posts, the more remarkable material there is for people to read and share with others.

I write when I’m suitably inspired, and not just to meet a quota.  I’m not sure if my readers have enough time to read that much!ツ

I find that I learn so much by doing these series and inviting friends to share their expertise and individual perspectives on subjects.  With that being said, it is my pleasure to introduce you to these…Bloggers.

Finally, I hope the knowledge from the following dedicated bloggers will give you an idea of what works for them.

So, what’s your magic blogging formula?

In 2012, my approach will be simple:  listen to what my readers want and find amazing experts to write on those topics.
Know your audience!  Get inside their heads, know what makes them tick, pay attention to what captures their interest.   I know I have hit the mark when I get comments like, “Are you looking over my shoulder?” or “I really need to work on this.”
Use social media to ‘tune in’ to what your audience is talking about.  Pay careful attention to what frustrates them and what tweets or status updates get the most comments.  Those provide important insights into future topics worth exploring.
Now all you need to do is deliver it in an artful form that is uniquely you!
If there is a magic formula for blogging, please let me know so I can buy it. ツ
For any blogger who makes it past the year mark, I say try new subject matters on your blog.  If it doesn’t work, you can take it down.  If it works, then you would have discovered a new reader.  My blog became popular because I blogged about what I felt at the time – insecure about my finances.
Four years later, my finances are much healthier so I am including content for people who have discretionary income.  It’s not about alienating one reader but growing your readers.  You have to give your blog wings.
I’m finding that trying to cover too many interests dilutes my focus and makes posting content that on a regular basis difficult.  In 2012 I’m going to spend more time concentrating on my true passion, the tech niche.  Learning how to bring posts to life with video and better quality photography is also on my agenda this year.
My biggest bit of advice for a new blogger is to keep in mind that it’s called “social media” budget a big portion of your time for getting to know others in the space.  Don’t be afraid to interact with people outside your niche and introduce those people to each other.  Relax, be yourself, get social, support others, have fun and watch social media magic help your blog to grow.
I started blogging mostly to share the highlights of my career with the world.  Blogging has been very useful as it has allowed me to share more information than other social media outlets.  It has been a fantastic compliment to my website, I can refer people wanting more information regarding my latest events, press coverage, and charity events to the blog.
I would say my blog is my “Social Media Head Quarters”, it is a hub of information.  You can find out about my product lines, you can connect with me through Facebook, Twitter or watch me paint via YouTube.  Blogging is a way to share my inspiration and 140 characters just aren’t enough to express my feelings.
My goal for 2012 is to blog more about things that I am passionate about such as spirituality and to share more photographs.
I write a couple of different blogs and while the approach is different for each, there are some similarities.  Blogging offers me a chance at longer conversations with friends as well as people I may not know  yet.  I tend to blog about newsworthy items or about my perspective on issues – in the hopes that my thoughts will spur more conversation.
I don’t blog because I want people to hear my opinion – I blog because I want to converse and debate and stretch my perspective on issues that matter to me.
In 2012, I plan to update my blogs once a week – more if the opportunity presents itself.  More importantly, I’ll continue to read and comment on other blogs for the learning and networking opportunities.  As a print journalist refugee, I’m so thankful for this medium and the opportunities that go so far beyond what print will ever be able to offer.
“Quality over quantity” is this year’s theme for my blogging, business, social media, and personal life.  When I began my blog nearly three years ago, I was posting 3-4 blog posts per week.  Juggling blogging with my professional art career, writing and family responsibilities became overwhelming at times.  This year, in order to combat burnout, I have decided to cut back on my postings to 1-2 original posts per week.
Yes, it is important to keep a steady stream of traffic flowing to my blog, so I am constantly working to increase my loyal following of readers and newsletter subscribers by building trust and meaningful connections on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Triberr, StumbleUpon, and Google Plus.  Replying to my readers’ comments as well as taking time for commenting on other blogs is at the top of my list.
Quality content has always been important to my blog, but nowadays I am being extra cautious to only accept original guest posts that have not been previously published on other blogs.  Duplicate content can negatively impact blog ranking.
Of course, blogging great content every day is better than blogging great content only a few times a week.  But right now for me, the quality of my life is more important than the quantity of my blog posts.  ~ Lori
You don’t want to blog for the sake of having an updated website, especially a business one.  Prospects and customers will find your blog and it needs to be worth their time to read it.  They’ll also see your business is active, gain insight into what you know and trust you a little more.
Although I’ve blogged five days a week, I’m committed to once a week. That’s what works for me in keeping my business and personal lives balanced.  At the same time, it lets me share knowledge, satisfy search engines and stay fresh.
Make it work for you.  Don’t let experts dictate what’s best.  It’s OK to listen to what they have to say as long as you base your decision on the right factors.  Giving into pressure to do what they say ultimately leads to faster burnout and sacrificing quality.
Most recently, one of my dearest client just asked if we could help them on getting strategy and implementation in place for blogging for their corporate communications department.  He asked if there is any magic formula to any successful blogs out there.  Although, there isn’t any magic formula in developing a successful blog per say. There are best practices that you might want to implement.  First and foremost, you need to know your overall strategy.  Then, try to keep it up by creating an editorial calendar that essentially will build up your content throughout the duration of your blog strategy.  Get a system going and do blog at least once or twice per week.  Did you know that as of August 2011, there are estimated over 164 million blogs out there?
Here are more facts and data:

  • 27% of bloggers are full time bloggers
  • The U.S. has about 49% of the blogging population worldwide
  • 5% of the blogs are business-focused and 14% are focused on technology or Internet marketing
  • Traffic sources: 41% Search Engines, 28% Social Media, 20% Referring Sites
  • Two-thirds are male
  • 60% are 18-44
  • 75% have college degrees
  • 40% have graduate degrees
Here are my top 5 tips to keep in mind on blogging:

  • Be authentic
  • Write from the heart
  • Passionate about your topic
  • Don’t try to ramble too much, just get to the point.
  • Edit, edit, edit
  • Have fun
Interesting fact!  By looking at the statistics, we need more women bloggers out there. Come on ladies, let’s help on balancing that number out.  Together, we could be on a forefront in engaging our audience together.
If you need additional tips or help, please contact Ivo Lukas
My approach to blogging in 2012 will be to carve out time and blog more regularly.  It can be a challenge to blog when I’m on the road, especially with the littles in tow.  Also, I’ve found it’s worthwhile to blog when you’re not totally excited about something or have nothing to offer readers.  I find that posts or topics I’m most excited about end up resonating with readers — they feel your enthusiasm and want to continue reading.  I respect our readers’ time too and don’t want to post just for the sake of a post.
Also, it’s so important to not try to be something you’re not.  I’m a snarky working mom juggling a blossoming start up, travel and my family.  My posts are not all cupcakes and lollipops, neither is real life, is it? I think readers appreciate our unfiltered voices — I wouldn’t connect with a step ford wife either!
We love sharing real word-of-mom advice on family travel, hotels, attractions, airlines and destinations.  We offer our readers our real-life accounts of what happened when we checked into the hotel, what room works best for families, what to expect from room service and lots and lots of minutia.
When you have a great post, ask your family, friends and fans to Re-tweet, post on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.  Be sure you reciprocate by doing the same for them, too! Collaboration and supporting other bloggers and writers in your niche is a great way for us to all succeed and attract new readers.  Here’s to the Year of the Dragon!
This year, I hope to do more guest blogging on other sites, as well as have some guest writers contribute to mine – it’s a great way for both parties to benefit and share new information/perspectives with a new audience.
I think the biggest seed of advice I’d offer a new blogger is to not be afraid to get started.  I brainstormed content for months before actually debuting my blog, exactly a year ago.  I was terrified of variety of things…  Every possible excuse NOT to start crossed my mind at least once.
But, of course, once I finally jumped in, I was so glad I did.  It’s exciting having something that’s both “mine,” and that I can use to help others learn.  It’s an AMAZING feeling when people remember something specific you’ve written, or compliment your writing and or content.
I don’t think there’s a “one size fits all” formula for bloggers – you have to just know who your audience is, where they are, and what they expect from you.  When you have all those things defined and you’re knowledgeable and passionate about your subject matter, the writing part comes naturally.
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42 Replies to “10 Bloggers Share Their 2012 Blogging Formula

  1. Thanks for the insightful article. I currently am entering burnout. I already took the dates off my posts in case I want to skip a day, but don’t usually. After reading this post, I am now committed to blogging 2-3 times a week and using the rest of the week to do research, write, and do more in the world of Twitter, etc. Thanks!

  2. This is interesting. I assumed unless I blogged every day I wasn’t much of a blogger. Now I see that isn’t such a big deal.

  3. Thanks for sharing this post. I’m only just starting to develop my blogs. In a short space of time I’ve already began to feel overwhelmed. Learning from the experiences of others will help me in the future.

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      It’s work but I have fun with it. You may want to check under “blogging” for more useful tips.

      Thank you,

  4. Great to hear others’ stories on blogging — as a blogger struggling to balance fulltime work, heavy volunteer schedule and family with kids, I can relate!

    One of my tricks is to start articles as ideas come to mind, then let them percolate over time. Some blogs will sit in inventory for months before being posted.

    Other ideas are “fresh” and the examples too recent to publish without breaking confidentiality of individuals involved (in the small town where I live and work).

    Thanks for a fresh perspective, Ann, you gave me a lift!

    Meryle Corbett,

    1. Hi Meryle,

      There are few other posts under blogging that you may find useful on my site. Thank you for stopping by.


  5. The comments in this article are just as inspiring as the post. Thank you, Ann, for the opportunity and thank you everyone for reading and your kind words!!

    1. Hi Natalie,

      Thank YOU for stopping by, I can’t wait to meet you at the #SizzlingMiamiTweetUp on June 29th!


  6. I have been hesitant to jump into the blogging world for sometime now. Since I have been reading your very insightful blog post I am most encouraged and inspired. I want to thank you so very much for helping me to strengthen my confidence in regards to blogging. My blog site WILL be launched in 2012. In celebration I believe one of Diana Ross most famous songs would describe my enthusiasm the best – I AM COMING OUT!!!

  7. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for your share.

    I started my blog 2 months ago and I’m still fresh and have enough subjects to blog about and I’m able to put a blog post live every few days. I hope I can continue like this and have such a wonderful blog as you have!

    Best Regards,

  8. So enjoyed reading your post Ann and reiterate the pleasure in reading what other bloggers have to share. As I run workshops & coach people in blogging & social media these comments are invaluable as they come from people who are actually out there doing it.

    Although I am relatively new to travel blogging (3 years) I’ve been writing all my adult life – just never shared it with others till I started a business blog on Leadership about 8 years ago.

    Trouble was, the subject didn’t truly engage me – I loved the writing but not the general topics. Now I am writing about my ‘true love’- travel, blogging is so much easier – plus I enjoy being able to share my own ‘voice’ and not having to worry about what the ‘business world’ might think about my idiosyncrasy!

    So, being true to yourself and what you love is my tip to keep that creative flame alight – and don’t worry when it goes dim – it will return when it’s ready 🙂

  9. What a brilliant article. I have a blog (www.frostmagazine.com) Very happy for people to guest blog and to reciprocate.

    Great advice. We need more women though!

  10. A post full of education and inspiration. Thanks to the women who contributed their stories and to Ann for bringing it together for everyone to see.

    The stats on the representation really made me think. (A reason to get writing ASAP)

    Debbie’s personal story of the joy of writing after so much preparation was inspirational, too. As someone who is in that build stage, it was reassuring to see that others have been on a similar journey. (And, yet another reason to get writing ASAP)


  11. Impressive list of impressive women bloggers. I found their messages to be very inspirational heading into 2012: quality over quantity of posts and keep the readers in the forefront of your mind when writing a post.

    I particularly enjoyed reading the statistics from Ivo. I had no idea women were so under-represented. I’m glad to be able to pick up our numbers.

    Thanks for sharing this, Ann.

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Yes, I learned from these bloggers too. Collaboration is a powerful tool for learning and sharing. I was surprised about the stats from Ivo, and thought it was funny that I featured all ten women this round. Just a coincidence!


  12. Blogging can be a bit difficult and sometimes even tedious, but I really think these are some great tips! I work for Parisleaf Printing and Design, and one of our goals for 2012 is to really improve our blog by including various topics on a regular basis, this way the content is always new and never boring! Feel free to check it out at http://www.parisleaf.com/blog.

    1. Hi Chad,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, fresh and original content is important to bring your readers back to your site.

      — Ann

  13. Hello Ann 🙂

    8 Things which I have learned now from this post are :

    1. Quality beats Quantity

    2. Readers should be given more importance

    3. Blogging has no Magic formula, it involves both Hard work and smart work 🙂

    4. Guest Blogging must be considered

    5. Blog from your heart

    6. Choose the niche which your’re passionate about

    7. Never stop sharing and helping

    8. Not all expert’s advice works, so carefully listen to yourself first

    Thanks for sharing these invaluable tips and introducing us to these awesome bloggers.

    Happy Blogging 😀

    1. Hi Sunil,

      Thanks for taking the time to list great bullet points. I am glad that you found the post helpful. Happy Blogging!


  14. Dear Ann,

    I so enjoy this series of sharing insights from such wonderful folks. I’m not much of a blogger myself, but the rich content here will help when that time comes.

    Yet another post to bookmark and come back to…:)

    All my best, John

    1. Hi John,

      I love working on my series because I learn from the diverse answers that I collect during the interview process. These are fun to do and share.


  15. Ann,

    This roundup is fabulous. So inspired by these amazing bloggers who also happen to be– ahem– women!

    Thank you for including me, I will follow these other bloggers and look forward to more collaboration and learning!

    Warmly, ET

  16. What an inspiring group of ladies you have gathered together Ann (including you of course!)

    I am going to take my time having a good look at what they all have to say, something that I’m sure will greatly enhance my blogging experience 🙂

    1. Hi Tony,

      Lucky to have this fantastic group of women contribute to this post. I love all the different pieces gathered by these talented women.

      Thank YOU!

      — Ann

  17. Ann, it was an honor to be included in this list of such accomplished, smart bloggers. Thank you for asking me to contribute and share – which is what makes blogging so powerful, right?

    Here’s to a year filled with sharing new ideas!

    1. Hi Julia,

      So happy to have you join us in this post. Thank you for contributing, I learned from your piece along with all the absolutely wonderful women in this group.

      Thank you so much!


  18. Dear Ann,

    It is a real honor to be included in this line-up of fabulous female bloggers…Girl Power! This post is so packed full of information, I have bookmarked it. Congratulations on your blogging success Ann, it is fun to see what you are planning to post next.

    Happy 2012!

    1. Hi Lori,

      It is a privilege to have you on another one of my posts. Thank you for helping me edit this piece. Yes #WomenPower! ツ

      Thank YOU!

  19. This is absolutely AWESOME! I have been following @geekbabe on Twitter and love her interactive style.

    What I like the most about this article is the emphasis on being social because that is one of the biggest components to being successful on the web. You ladies are doing a great job, keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Peter,

      Yes, I am working on allotting more time on my interacting with my readers this year. Thank you for the feedback. @geekbabe is fabulous at being social and hospitable.

      Thank YOU!

  20. Wow – this post is one to keep and re-read. Such great wisdom from a diverse group.

    Thanks for sharing some fab from your friends!
    I always find great things on your blog Ann.

    Peggy <3

    1. Hi Peggy,

      I am very lucky to have such a wonderful group of talented women from diverse back ground contributing to my post. Thank you so much!


  21. Hi Ann! This group of bloggers is amazing! I took something away from each one. With all the fantastic women bloggers I know it was surprising to hear that two thirds are men…hmmm?! Thanks for this collaboration of great tips and cheers to a successful 2012!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Yes, an amazing group of women. Grateful to have them contribute such great content.

      I like the stats collected from Ivo aka @MsSonicFlare

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