Purple Forest

I walk into a purple forest
The place is magical and free

The grass is violet, the sky is white
Purple defines every tree
I walk into a purple forest
There are purple buzzing bees
And a swamp of violet waters
creep up to my knees
I walk into a purple forest
A streak of purple runs across the sky
I hear a gentle whisper say
It was a fairy passing by
I walk into a purple forest
On violet sod I lie my head
But later, of course
I awake from my dream…
Purple Forest by Summer Song
A beautiful Kentucky Sunrise taken by Andrea Robinson @a_robinson
Photography by Ann Tran
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17 Replies to “Purple Forest

  1. Purple is one beautiful color.. peace-giving.. Love the way you beautified those lines with the pics.. A Picture is definitely worth 1000 words….

    1. Hi Sneha,

      I enjoyed working on this post. I have so many more photos to share. Finding the right poem to bring the pictures to life is fun.


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