What are your favorite mobile apps for social media?

There’s a mobile app to handle almost anything out there.  With thousands available, how do you even start to load your phone with the best options?

Since so many are now accessing social networks from their smartphones, it’s important that each user is getting the most out of the experience.

I asked ten savvy Smartphone users which Twitter app was their favorite, and why.  (I chose Twitter because that’s my favorite social media platform.)

I also asked for secondary suggestions, as well as any to avoid.  Their answers are listed below respectively.

Thank you to these seasoned users for sharing their views on social apps with us.

If you’d like to add any others to this collection, I would love to hear which social tools you’re using to take networking to the next level!

Did your favorite apps make it on the list below?

iPhone, all the way.   For iPhone, it’s HootSuite.  Can easily follow lists, hashtags, etc.   Great combination of features but still easy to use.  That said, I often fall back on Echofon for its pure simplicity.
I tend to use the individual apps for each of these platforms.   I do like Hootsuite’s ability to show streams from FB, LI, etc (thought G+ is noticeably absent).  That said, HootSuite’s streams lack all of the features of the full apps for FB and G+.
I’ve had the most trouble with Twitter’s app – failing to load streams, slow, etc. That said, I got a recent update which seems promising.  Maybe they’ve worked out some kinks.  Then again, the fact that you need third party apps to really harness the power of the platform speaks volumes about its shortcomings.
I have a Samsung android and love it! Over the last year I have found that it is better to bookmark Twitter or Facebook rather than using an Android application.
One of the problems I have experienced when I tried the apps, is when you add an application for Twitter or Facebook, it somehow pulls in a ALL your social media contacts and will crash your phone.  For people with big social accounts, they should consider just bookmarking their social sites and creating a shortcut on their homepage – it works great!
iPhone 4S:  Tweetlogix because it navigates easily and shows lists, profiles and mentions of people you follow with just one click.
Facebook’s app is mediocre, the best thing about it is its “Pokes” feature, which lets you poke fast and without excess clicking.  The latest update was a big improvement for the layout.
I use Google+ app for G+.  It gets the job done with notifications and a smooth linear user-friendly interface.  It allows you to link names and +1 with ease.
The best apps out there:  Flipboard, Path, Instagr.am, Stamp and foursquare isn’t too shabby.
But overall, my favorite social media app is Path for iPhone, for its bada$$ interface, iOS and originality.  It just rocks – both aesthetically and community (social network).
My least favorite social media app is Empire Avenue.  While there are many cool data features, it fails in its lack of community.  There is no way to communicate unless you count buying and selling, which are actually actions, not interactions.
I have an iPhone and my favorite APP is being released in a month it is called HUBTUIT… an amazing site that is going to bring everything in one Twitter FB your own site and all your pics…
I am helping launch it in March YAY…  but I also like AWARENESS which is an app that helps you to get present and connect with your awareness in the moment.
TweetDeck? I guess I like how it works the way you can see and connect with everyone at one time.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest because it is like making a vision board every day.  It connects you with others ideas and it is a truly creative way to play on the internet.  I love Stumble Upon as well and I use it to post on Pinterest.
I really just don’t do anything on the internet that I don’t like that much.  If I have tried something and it is not self explanatory then I move on quickly.
My favorite app for Twitter is Twitter.  It is simple and straightforward.  Yes, it is not perfect and I wish it will be enhanced in the future like being able to see the linked web page without having to click and wait.
My favorite app for Facebook is Facebook.  Simple.  But I hope it will be enhanced to match more capabilities of the web version.
My least favorite social media app on the iPhone is TweetDeck- it is not as simple and straightforward or fast as the Twitter app on the iPhone.  BTW, on my Mac, I use  TweetDeck version.   Tweetdeck’s creators and developers need to understand better the differences between large and small screens and make the iPhone version more compatible with the limitations of the small iOS screen.  It is also somewhat slower sometimes than the corresponding Twitter app on the iPhone.
Hootsuite: it’s streamlined.  I can view all my lists on one screen, then select the stream I need to view; simply swiping screen slides every column.  Also, I can read articles and use Hootsuite link shortener; when I cc:  peeps, it recalls @’s.
I use the G+ app; it’s clean and easy.  I removed Facebook app; they’re getting a little too “Big Brother” for me.  I go to website when needed, though most of my time is spent on Twitter.
LinkedIn.  I have the app, though never use it; LinkedIn has no call-to-action; there is no *need* for me to use the app.  I can view LinkedIn posts via my HoostSuite app.  It is not conducive to research, introductions or group interactions.
I own and love my iPhone
I use the basic Twitter app for my iPhone.  Even though I would be classified as a “power Tweeter”, I use my phone mostly to “check in” and stay connected when I’m out and about and the main focus (ha ha pun intended) is using my iPhone for sharing pics. Yes, I am guilty of the social media sin of sharing snapshots of my meals ツand my favorite use for my phone is sharing my hiking photos as I’m on the trail – especially sunsets.  So, Twitpic would be my favorite app overall.
Again, I am  a minimal user of my phone for social media, and I use the basic Facebook app on my phone and usually just check in.  I much prefer a full sized keyboard and screen for most of my socializing and connecting.  Call me old fashioned!  Oh and, guess what else?  I use my phone for conversations. ツYes, often with people I have met via social media (waves to Debra @MomsofAmerica ha ha)
I haven’t tinkered with enough different ones to be able to answer this with any fairness or experience.
Twitbird Pro on the iPhone

  • does everything (tweets, shows stats, posts pics, video, voice recordings, music and more)
  • easily tracks conversations (shows what a tweet is responding to)
  • supports multiple accounts
  • easy to use
  • too many reasons to list
Spotify. — I love how it delivers the music I want to hear and helps me discover new music.
Least favorite:  Soundcloud.  I never use it.
My favorite Twitter iPhone app is HootSuite.  It’s incredibly multi-functional and simple to navigate, just like the desktop version.  I can easily check and manage numerous accounts within seconds, along with searching relevant terms or hashtags, and scheduling content if necessary.
I’ve tried a few other Twitter apps, like the regular Twitter one plus TweetCaster, and HootSuite is just the most straightforward for me.
The Pinterest iPhone app is great as well.  The bottom navigation makes it seamless to search for various topics, as well as pinners you’re following or popular pins.  It’s also really easy to re-pin items and choose on which pinboard you want to pin it.  It’s really awesome that social apps are becoming so simple to maneuver, making it more efficient for the ever-expanding mobile audience to enjoy their favorite platforms.
I wouldn’t say I have a “least favorite” social app, but the one I check the least is probably still Google+, though not because of anything regarding app as much as I still just check it less in general.
iPhone: for Twitter.  HootSuite.  I like organizing my interests into different columns and it makes following lots of tweets manageable.
For Facebook, I prefer just using the Facebook app.  However, I do sometimes post to Facebook from Hootsuite as well.
G+ … visually I like that way it is organized.  But it seems to just be a duplicate of Facebook.
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14 Replies to “What are your favorite mobile apps for social media?

  1. Hi Ann,

    Instagram remains my favorite app for social media. Whether because it is a perfect tool to share in an instant the passion for travel and our beautiful planet, or because it has enabled people of all backgrounds to interact with each other in one magic common language, that of photography. A teenager in Canada learns a life lesson from an elderly man in Uganda and an introverted engineer in US finds courage and receives photography lessons from a friend in Brazil. Beautiful no?


  2. Hi Ann-

    I enjoyed reading about everyone’s favorite apps. Like Chris, I am a Droid…the Samsung 4G Blaze.

    I tried adding the Twitter app, but it crashed my phone and I had to do a factory reset. I also tried to add Google Plus, but again it crashed the phone! So now I create bookmarks on my homescreen that work just fine.

    I wish Droids had instagram! I might try an iPhone next…

    ~Lori 🙂

    1. Hi Lori,

      I love my iPhone but I only have the basic Twitter.com loaded. I actually use my phone for talking or texting more than tweeting or posting. It’s a way for me to unplug from social media.

      Thank you for stopping by and contributing. ツ

      ❤ Ann

  3. Great post and very helpful info for the novice App user, like myself. Thanks to all for your insight and suggestions.

    1. Hi Samantha,

      Thank you for the 411. It’ a fun post to get insights from everyone. Thank you for sharing.

      — Ann

  4. Ann, *thank you* for including me in your post! Love seeing social media user feedback; it definitely helps in app-decision process. Your posts always have GR8 energy, always a pleasure to read and learn from you. Keep topping off! 🙂

    1. Hi Ross,

      A few other apps were mentioned by our friends. It’s not a comprehensive list but would love to see more comments and suggestions from my readers.


  5. Ann, thank you for compiling this list and for including me! I think I may try some of the others listed, and I also wanted to add that one of my other VERY favorite apps for my iPhone is Pandora, for music. I guess it’s social in that I love to share new music discoveries 🙂 Thank again, Gina

    1. Hi Gina,

      Thank you for your contribution. I would say you and I are both old school when using iPhone for social media. I like to tweet from my “Tweety Perch”. I use my iPhone at tweet-ups to Twitpic but seldom tweet from my phone since that is my time away from social media.

      ►♥◄ Ann

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