Building Self-Confidence

While perusing the net for some inspirational quotes to share on my social media pages I found this list of 12 points about building self-confidence by Allan Loy McGinnis.  I’d like to share these motivational points with you.  I’ve added my own thoughts on each point underneath each one.  Tips like these offer easy, yet powerful ways to change your outlook and stay on track during your walk in life.

Inspired by Allan Loy McGinnis

Focus on your potential instead of your limitations:

I am not the strongest writer, but every day I push myself to deepen my creativity and learn from my wonderful editors.  Keep practicing your craft, whether it’s photography, writing, or something else.  Perseverance brings potential to the surface.

Determine to know the truth about yourself:

Strive for self-awareness. Hone in on your strengths and fine-tune them.  Work daily on turning your weaknesses into strengths.

Distinguish between who you are and what you do:

We all have different gifts and talents.  Discover your gifts, find your own voice, and allow your individuality to shine. Your shine paves the path to the true you – readily distinguishable from what you do.

Find something you like to do and do well, then do it over and over:

Oddly enough, even though writing doesn’t come naturally for me, the feedback and comments readers give me about the stories and topics shared in my posts really inspire me to keep going.  I thank my readers for the encouragement. I’ve blogged regularly for over a year now and have come to appreciate that it’s the underlying theme and story behind my writing that really counts.

I love having photography as a hobby.  I’m able to express “myself” through the images I capture.  When accompanied by fitting quotes and poetry, my true voice emerges.

Search for that activity that enriches your soul and that makes you feel alive when you do it.

Replace self-criticism with regular, positive self-talk:

Words carry great power.  I try to use inspirational, encouraging and positive words in my world to create the life I would like for continual growth.  Choose words that uplift, speak to life, and dance across your page when you write or communicate in other ways.

Replace fear of failure with clear pictures of yourself functioning successfully and happily:

With each failure, we become stronger.  With each disappointment, we know not to go down that path again.  Know that another path waits for us to follow it – a path that leads to fulfillment and joy.  I visualize my end goal as I move toward it.  But if it doesn’t work out, after attempting to cross the threshold from every angle, I take the lesson and move forward.

Dare to be a little eccentric:

Believe it or not, I am a bit on the shy side and not so adventurous.  But I regularly push myself to walk outside my self-imposed restraints.   Each time I do, the experience renews a truth that I already know: life is simply more fun this way.  Just do it!

Recently, I came across a tweet that I would like to share:  Be something new, something bold, something different and something glorious. — @desireeadaway

Make the best possible peace with your parents:

I haven’t spent Mother’s Day the past few years with my mother, but I am so happy to say I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend with her this past year.  Prior to the past year’s Mother’s Day reunion, I found that I needed to distance myself from her, so she could come to understand my point of view.  Even though it caused us both pain, I’m happy to report, we’re moving forward.  Growth comes through pain.

Determine to integrate the body and spirit:

Years ago, I read several popular books about healthy living and fitness. One of them offered the best piece of advice I’ve ever read.  The author implored readers to take the time to get outdoors and simply walk with nature, enjoying the quiet and escape from the pressures of daily life.

I took that advice to heart and take daily walks to enjoy the fresh outdoors.  My daily walk with nature refreshes me and energizes my spirit, so I’d have to choose this therapeutic morning ritual as my favorite part of the day.  I incorporate meditation into my quiet time, outdoors to hone my intuition and think positively.  Afterward, I’m energized and ready to engage in more intense exercise like working with free weights and other weight-bearing fitness activities.  A happy mind and happy heart equals a happy soul and body.

Determine to live above neurotic guilt:

This one challenges me.  I use positive affirmations to help me pivot negative thought patterns around, putting a positive spin on them. Toxic, neurotic guilt doesn’t serve me well, so I try to do the best I can and let go of situations over which I have no control.

Let go of negative thought patterns and unproductive guilt.  If you can do something about a situation, take action.  If it’s out of your control, clear your mind and let it go.

Cultivate people who help you grow:

I am extremely blessed to have amazing friends surrounding and supporting me.  I really think you attract into life what you send out.  Life is about reciprocity – it’s a two way street.  “Give more than you take” is my motto for success.  Living by these words   has worked, and continues to work, so powerfully for me.

Refuse to allow rejection to keep you from taking the initiative with people:

I get excited about an idea and sometimes it doesn’t work out the way I anticipated.  I used to get disappointed, but now I just move forward and focus on what does work and learn from what did not work.  Open your mind and spirit to the messages and coincidences of life.  Allow them to guide you in your daily walk with life.

Now, go out and approach your walk in life with an “I can do it” attitude and don’t forget to have fun!

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44 Replies to “Building Self-Confidence

  1. Hi Ann! I just have to let you know how your post inspired me so much! I too, have been struggling honing my writing skills. But writing is something that I love doing so I will never give this up.

    Keep on going! 🙂

  2. You have outlined very inspirational tips that we can all gain from. Thank you very much for that. I’m also a bit on the shy side (to new people), but I try not to let that stop me from persuing my dream. Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone can be scary, but when you have to do it, you just gotta do it.

    Thanks again:)

  3. Hi Ann

    Loved this one: Cultivate people who help you grow. It’s taken me awhile to appreciate the importance of choosing my friends carefully. I recall a quote by Plate: “Friends are like dirt, they can either help you grow or cause you to wilt.”

    Have a great day!

  4. I like this blog on Building Self Confidence.Inserting your points of view in the twelve points was refreshing. I feel I can put all the points to use to motivate myself but “determinging the truth about myself” has been the most rewarding journey of late. Ann….I am blessed to discover your greatness.
    Thank you.

  5. Great tips, Ann. I especially enjoyed your thoughts on each. It’s amazing how so many of us who are inwardly shy, have to push beyond it and seem to be extroverts.

  6. Great article! I like the idea of moving forward/on if something doesn’t work out. Reminds me of the brilliant Churchill quote “Never, never, never, never give up.”

  7. This came at just the right time for me. Even seasoned entrepreneurs sometimes suffer from a momentary lack of self confidence. Your article shows how to cure that. Thanks, Ann

  8. Ann

    I’m in the UK watching cricket and surfing, found your site,really like some of your posts, especially this one.
    What occurs to me is that this is primarily about looking at yourself to boost self confidence. I would suggest you should turn it around and use at least some of it as a guide on how to treat others. Make them feel better and boost their confidence.
    Just a thought, either way I like it, will visit again. @chrischanner1

    1. Thanks for sharing your. self confidence booster tips.
      It is inspiring . I always try to live my day to day life with your mentioned guide. Keeping peace with our parents is an additional to my list. not that I don’t get along with them but, being an adult in a different generation there’ will always be conflict of opinions that can lead to misunderstanding.


  9. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I am passing it along to my two daughters embarking on their careers. I especially appreciate the point about being who you are and not do. Equally valuable is the concept of replacing failure with success pictures. Helps in business, life and facing my toughest golf shots :). Have a terrific day,

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thank you for sharing my writing with your daughters. Good luck in your tournament. ツ


  10. Really liked this post and so agree with getting out into nature on a daily basis.
    It always helps me to get”out of my head”
    and into my body.


  11. Hi Ann,

    🙂 Awesome as always !
    “People often say motivation doesn’t last. Well nor does bathing. That is why we recommend it daily ” -Zig Zigler
    You and some others on twitter provide me my daily dose of motivation/inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy tweeting 🙂

  12. Some truly inspiring thoughts to for all of us to consider. I disagree with none and find a few directly relevant to some difficult challenges I am currently struggling with.

  13. Hi Ann – Such a lovely post.. The BEST one I read today.. Thanks again.. And have a great day.. Nischala

  14. I loved this post 🙂

    especially the part about cultivating people that help you grow and reciprocity. i think ppl lose patience with that path when they feel like they’re not getting anything in return but i’ve found that if you just keep giving while having an attitude of self-reliant focus, the world does start to give back to you!

    thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  15. This post comes with the underlying tone of all that is beautiful and wonderful about you, Ann. It speaks to me in whispers and in shouts about the ways I can become inspired by life and by amazing friends like you!

    1. Hi Samantha,

      Thank you for being such an awesome editor. You Rock! I enjoyed working on this piece.


  16. Ann, this post is packed full of goodness. I love it, particularly the point about replacing self-criticism with positive self-talk.

    I’m a firm believer in my daily power hour (it’s not always an hour but that trips off the tongue better). I always feel great afterwards, full of energy and confidence.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. Hi Ash,

      Yes, my power hour is usually my power walk with nature each morning or afternoon. It’s a daily practice and some days are better than others. ツ


  17. Lovely, inspiring post Ann (and just what I needed at the moment!) So many of these I already knew but it’s incorporating them into my own life that I struggle with, it’s nice to hear another’s point of view so thank you! PS: the neurotic guilt one, I *really* have to work on that one!

      1. Hi Ann, no, I don’t meditate but I’ve always wanted to give it a try as I’m sure that is exactly what I need to get some *calm* into my life. I tell myself I’m too busy to ‘learn’ but that’s an awful excuse, isn’t it? I’m going to scour the web for some tips! Thank you for that kick in the butt that I so desperately needed!

        1. Hi Meredith,

          Start out slow with your meditation. I use Wayne Dyer’s CD, Getting into the Gap. I’ve been using it for years. It is a daily ritual when I am home.
          Good LUCK!


  18. Truly inspirational and enlightening ~ we must be on the same wavelength today I was researching empowering blogs and quotes to pass on to my team today ~ I love how you personalized it with your own thoughts ~ thank you! P.S. I am going to send this to my team!

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thank you for sharing and hope this article helps you and your team. There are other posts on my blog that you may want to check out.


  19. What was the most striking to me was “define yourself by who you are, not by what you do”. For the last 2 years I have been a Peace Corps Volunteer and it seemed that the only time people contacted me or wanted to see me was when they needed/wanted photos taken. I became defined as “the photographer” and not “Cate”. So, even though I was happy they liked my photographs, I later found it’s not my photographs but the quality of images that come from my camera that they like. My self-confidence hit rock bottom and I no longer enjoyed taking photos for/of other people. So, I’ve put my camera down and now people are realizing who I am when I’m not hiding behind the camera, and my self-confidence is quickly building. I’ve realized I can be a great photographer, but I can also have a strong personality and socialize… without my camera in tow.

    1. Hi Cate,

      I will have to check your photography out but I am sure the photos are beautiful because of the photographer. Thank you for sharing.


  20. I really like this post. The tips are very good, made even better by you personalising them. Great writing Ann, insightful, uplifting & awareness-raising! 🙂

    1. Hi Dawn,

      I got lucky in finding the Building Self-Confidence link and was inspired by Allan McGinnis. Thank you for sharing.


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