No road is long with good company

“No road is long with good company.”  — Turkish Proverb

The Turkish proverb, “No road is long with good company,” fits in perfectly with the beautiful experience I had on my recent trip to Mazatlan, Mexico.

The Mazatlan Hotel Association was generous enough to invite me to be their guest for the #GoMazatlan four day excursion.  When I headed south of the border, I had no idea what to expect and certainly did not anticipate meeting so many new amigos.  Let me introduce you to these wonderful travel writers who share their exotic expeditions on Twitter:  Matt Gibson, Freddie Pikovsky, Raymond Walsh, Andrew Lovesey, Sheila O’Connor, Cailin O’Nell, Ayngelina Brogan, and Craig Zabransky.  I can’t leave out our fellow traveler, Melissa Curtin, who — while she’s not yet ventured to the Twitter-verse — chronicles her travels here: Johnny Jet and Miss A – Charity Meets Style.

I encountered all of these fun and fabulous friends in Mazatlan for the first time.  But it didn’t take long for us to get the fiesta started.  For four full days, we shared food and drink, stories and song, art and adventure.   We started out as strangers in a strange land; and, somewhere along the way, we built lasting ties.  Thanks to social media, we don’t have to say adios our incredible connection in Mexico.  With the help of Twitter, we can build upon our memories and build our friendships with the help of through social media.

I truly enjoyed my time with these writers and thank you to all the gracious hosts who put on the @gomazatlannow tweet-up.  What stood out was the synergy and strong bond that we formed with each other during this relatively short trip.

If you were following us in our Twitter stream, you can see the fun we all had from this jaunt.

I enjoyed our breakfast at the Pueblo Bonito Bay Resort & Spa, the next time I’m back in Mazatlan, Mexico, I would love to stay there and get spoiled.

If you love shrimp, I highly recommend the El Shrimp Bucket (first restaurant from the famous Senor Frog chain), they offer an amazing culinary experience.  The local cuisine is a must-taste, while you’re in Mazatlan.  You’ll enjoy a wonderful view of the ocean — just a skip across the road – and, depending on when you dine, enjoy an astonishing sunset during your tantalizing taste of the great food.

One of the four days in Mazatlan, half to the group went on the Huana Coa Canopy Adventure Tour to La Noria.  Check with one of my traveler friends for more information on their adventure on the exciting zip line expedition.

I opted out and enjoyed a shopping stroll in the small town of La Noria itself.  I love watching the locals make beautiful art work. They created everything from saddles to sandals to wallets.  I found it peaceful and calming to walk through a very small town like that – one that wasn’t touched by much of the buzz and biz of modern technology. As I passed the school children, playing outdoors at games and sports, I thought to myself, Wow! I am taking these pictures of their beautiful, rustic town to tweet out to the world.  What different worlds we live in.
The generous and open hospitality of the locals made me feel comfortable cared for, and at home.

To get a great tour and perception of the culture and history of Mazatlan, Mexico, I recommend taking the city tour on the FunBus and visiting the Malecon Historic District.  I’m sending out a big thank you to Glenn Rogers for taking the time out to give us a personal tour of the Historic District.  If you’re and art aficionado, looking for an artsy vacation, plan to take an excursion with Glen.
As I walked down town Historic District of Mazatlan, Mexico, my eyes feasted on these vibrant hued walls along my path.  It makes the alleys come alive with such kaleidoscopic view.  I hope you enjoy these vibrant walls as much as I did.

I enjoyed the art graffiti wall as we walked from the art studio to art shops.  One of my favorite walls was the “Teamo Mario” wall where two lovers left love notes for each other. Stunning.
I could not have asked for a more perfect farewell dinner. It fell on the Day of Music for the locals and tourists.  The restaurants set up colorful tablecloths on the streets and sidewalks.  We enjoyed our festive dinner at the exquisite Pedro and Lola Restaurant.  The owners and staff treated us like family.  We relished in the beautiful breeze, while the musicians entertained us with wonderful music and dance.
After dinner, we sauntered from stage to stage and enjoyed a mixture of delightful local music.  We danced freely on the streets with each other and new friends from the event.
Thank you Mazatlan and all the people that made this trip such a beautiful and memorable experience.  Until we meet again friends.
Photography by Ann Tran
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