Walking Down Machu Picchu Memory Lane

As time passes and you look back on your life journey, it’s the memories, not the things, that you’ll hold dear.  Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes and cool things just as much as anyone else.  But when it’s all said and done, I appreciate the memories from my travels the most.  For me, the trip I took to Machu Picchu really stands out in the landscape of my personal memory lane.

To travel is to evolve. ~ Pierre Bernardo

We live in our high-tech world, enjoying our comfortable lives and sometimes we forget just how lucky we truly are.  I visited a boys’ orphanage during my Peruvian travels and the experience with the boys there left mark on my spirit – an indelible mark that continues to remind me of these boys and their plight.  Sometimes I wonder if they are okay, or where they are today.  Do they have a better life than the one they had when I visited them last?
Simple Things Matter – A Drink and a FriendI cherish the memory of the simple lunch date I had with my friend, Phabi Herrera, in Lima, Peru.  She introduced me to a typical non-alcoholic Peruvian drink called Chicha Morado.  It’s prepared from a base of purple maize (corn meal), known as maize morado.  I still remember my appreciation for that wonderful, refreshing drink and still wish it were readily available to me here in the states.  I’m not talking about the canned drink version; I would love to, once again, experience the freshly made drink from that day.

Solitude and Travel – An Opportunity for Reflection

I really enjoyed the flight and beautiful train ride to Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge on this trip. I traveled in solitude. It was shortly after I left the corporate world.  This solitary travel experience afforded me an amazing opportunity for self-reflection – something I still do on my daily meditative walk.

So, the Machu Picchu trip rewarded me with a beautiful treat of memories that I can revisit in my mind again and again.  I hope to return one day and stay a little longer on the next visit.  For now, I will live through my personal memories and those evoked by these photos.

So, what are some of your favorite stops along your own memory lane?
Photography by Ann Tran
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12 Replies to “Walking Down Machu Picchu Memory Lane

  1. Inspiring!!!:) Thanks Ann!!
    Provoking too
    I have enjoyed being in Ireland, a short flight away. We enjoyed the galleries and shops..
    While I was there one day was spent at the beach, just me and a passing stranger. A valuable time with myself, I missed her a bit, the sights were so appealing. The return journey took so very much longer than the train out.:) Thanks

  2. This is on my “to do” list before I retire. Such pictures always bring back memories of a school play about the conquest of the Incas—I played a minor role as a chief.
    I was 15 then, but the curiosity about this civilisation which was then instilled in me still lingers.

  3. This is awesome. I didn’t realize that your pictures were from traveling (for some reason [Edgerank maybe?] they dominate my Facebook feed lol).

    I’ve wanted to go here since I did a book report on Pre Columbian South American societies in the 3rd grade. There is so much history in those cultures that is available, and still we only know a very small piece of it.

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