WIRED + Marriott Top Talent, WIRED Gifts – Culturazzi Collective Remix

WIRED + Marriott hosted the last of the 2012 #Culturazzi Series events at the #WIREDstore in New York City last week. For this final event of the year, Marriott brought together a number of key players from the art, tech, music, and travel communities and hosted an entertaining night of exquisite innovation, music, and art.

The event, aptly named Collective Remix, featured a display showcasing Todd McClellan’s unique style of photography as well as LEGO sculptures from brick artist Nathan Sawaya.  Guests enjoyed an eclectic mix of music from DJ and television personality, JaKissa Taylor-Semple.  I especially enjoyed her mix from the 80s.   She’s definitely a must-follow on Twitter – @KissTheDEEJAY.  Many of us chose to have our moods read by the interactive Marriott Hotels and Resorts Aura Cam.  The camera utilizes mood recognition technology to help people determine where to travel next.

During our tour of the WIRED pop-up store, I had an opportunity to ask store manager, Noah Norman, about all the unique, whimsical gift items available there.  Not only was he gracious and kind, he impressed me immensely with his thorough knowledge of every item in the store.  Like some sort of human information database, Norman was able to list the specs, history, price, and other pertinent information about each product from memory.

During the event, I tweeted about several of my favorite items to give the audience a helping hand in their quest for that perfect Christmas gift.   I’d like to share these with you here, so you can see what I mean when I say that they’re whimsical and unique.   I’d love for you to share which of these items you’d like to add to your shopping list.  You can order them online year round, but the pop-up store in NYC is just that – a pop-up — it’s only up for a month.

Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years is housed in a pedestal display complete with lights.

LifeProof iPhone #WaterProof #DirtProof

The Happiness Machine prints random happy thoughts by random people across the web. #random #curious

Macgyver it with this Little Bits – Holiday Kit #DIY #gifts

Kids of all ages can build your own snowman with Paper Punk Kit.

Whimsical cutting board makes great gift for the OCD home chef.

Escapism Couture~3-D Holiday Dress from another dimension.  #fashion

80’s Tees He-Man She-Ra Christmas Faux Sweater. I know you want one ; )

Superman sox for the superhero in your life! Calves of steel!

Wireless speaker for budding pop-stars~Sync and sing in the shower.
I had a wonderful experience at the three WIRED #Culturazzi Series events earlier in the year and the Collective Remix finale was spectacular.  I look forward — with great anticipation — to next year’s WIRED + Marriott series.
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4 Replies to “WIRED + Marriott Top Talent, WIRED Gifts – Culturazzi Collective Remix

  1. I wish I’d seen this post before Christmas—I think my cooking would be much improved by that cutting board! Darn it, will have to buy it for myself…thanks for an excellent roundup!

  2. Thanks for sharing your fun experience and the unusual gifts. It’s fun to be in California and to see what you’re up to in NYC.

    I like the Macgyver Little Bits, but need Superwoman socks. 🙂

    1. Hello Jeanette,

      Yes, the Superman sox for the superhero in your life! Calves of steel is the way to go : ) Thank you for sharing and hope to meet you in LA or DC soon!


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