For the Love of Food – Marriott’s Chef Brad Nelson Shines

Back in October, I wrote about my memorable experience with Brad Nelson, Vice President and Culinary and Global Corporate Chef for Marriott International. I met Chef Nelson while attending the Marriott’s Travel + Leisure Global Bazaar #Culturazzi event in New York City.

It turns out that this stellar chef recently received a prestigious and much-deserved award – the Food Arts magazine Silver Spoon Award – for his distinctive performance.  As the Marriott International Global Corporate Chef, Nelson has his work cut out for him.  He oversees and develops culinary strategy for Marriott’s 3,700 hotels located across 73 countries.  And, he does it all for the love of food.  Now that’s amore!
I had so much fun talking with him and tasting all the culinary delights he and his talented staff created.  This was an epicurean experience that I’ll never forget.  Chef Nelson is truly a superstar when it comes to concocting and presenting dishes that are as beautiful to the eyes as they are to the taste.  Each and every creation is like a piece of his heart.
I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Chef Nelson for receiving this award.  I look forward to attending another event at a Marriott Hotels & Resorts location to, once again, indulge in the culinary magic of Chef Nelson’s fine cuisine preparation team.

Brad Nelson @chefnb
Marriott International, Vice President Culinary and Corporate Chef


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2 Replies to “For the Love of Food – Marriott’s Chef Brad Nelson Shines

  1. I can’t believe that one person could come up with ideas for all of those hotels’ restaurants! No wonder he won the award. Thanks for the look behind the scenes!

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