Jewelry That Speaks Love to Mothers and Children

Meeting Martha Duran, partner at Mishky jewelry designs, in Miami.  She hails from the advertising industry and is an award-winning creative graphic designer.  As we talked, I became enchanted with the  concept behind her jewelry design company.  Martha and her partner, Tita Navia, have developed a business model that embraces the concept of “jewelry with social responsibility”.

 My Mama For Me – Helping Mothers Stay at Home
The main Mishky product is a collection of beautiful, handmade bracelets in adjustable widths.  Artisans bead the bracelets with high quality glass beads or weave them on Egyptian looms using silver, brass, tin, or recycled rubber in a variety of rich hues.
Each bracelet has a symbol embedded within its design.  Symbols include peace, love, friendship, and the circle of energy.  Artisans create the symbols by hammering the metal by hand or using the filigree technique of shaping a very thin thread of silver into a symbol.  All of the bracelets include the Mishky distinctive knotting system, allowing the wearer to adjust the bracelet to the desired length.

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Through Mishky’s Mi Mama Para Mi program, (“My mom for me”), the Mishky team trains women from low-income areas in Colombia in the art of jewelry design and creation.  This teaches the women important skills, while allowing them to work from home.  Each bracelet represents one hour of work at home and more time for mothers to spend with their children in the home environment.
The beautiful Mishky jewelry designs have also touched the lives and hearts of the Putumayo people inhabiting the Colombian Amazon region.  These talented artisans bring Mishky designs to life.  By learning the skills that make up the jewelry design trade, these people make an honorable living and support their families in a peaceful setting.
 Wearing Love on My Wrist
I received two of the beautiful bracelets as a gift and I just love them.  Every time I don one of these wearable works of art, I think of the children who have been blessed by the Mishky Mi Mama Para Mi program.  These children now have their mothers working from home, earning a living, and sharing love with them.  The mothers provide an example for their children as well – an example of dignity and ethical priority.
Martha and Tita recently introduced new pieces into their already amazing collection. One new line includes silver-and gold-plated hypoallergenic pieces that are nickel-free.  Another symbolizes the love of nature written on the hearts of all who live – or want to live – environmentally conscious lives by glamorizing soda-can rings and other typically discarded items.  Finally, they’ve added a chakra-based line of bracelets called “The Row.” Each row draws inspiration from the colors connected to the seven chakras that some people believe to control our lives and spirits.
Surely, there’s a design that speaks to you in the gorgeous Mishky collection of socially responsible bracelets. I am simply in love with the mission and the giving spirit manifested in this amazing organization.

Photography by Ann Tran

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  1. What a lovely idea – guilt free jewelry! To me it also brings the world together. Indian ‘Çhakra’ bracelets made by the Putumayo people inhabiting the Colombian Amazon region and there for people anywhere in the world to wear and enjoy. Wonderful!

    1. Hey Joyce,

      I can’t wait to see which piece you decide to pick up. I love Mishky’s work.

      Thank you for sharing,

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