Sony at the Vegas CES Show

If you didn’t make it to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, here’s an in-depth look inside the high-tech Sony booth and what they’re releasing this year.  And if you did attend the show, you’ll know that the Sony booth didn’t fail to impress—it felt like a stadium in size and scope, with an awesome, 360° wrap-around video screen and cinema-quality sound.

Sony pulled out all the stops, ensuring that every aspect of your digital life can be fulfilled by a Sony product, from gaming to telecommunications to TV and movies.  Watch the video to see Sony’s latest player in the smartphone arena, totally immersive gaming systems, televisions with picture quality four times greater than HD (and a camera to film it), and almost a dozen new camcorders.  Don’t miss the clip of LL Cool J’s interview, as he stopped by to introduce Sony’s new software for musicians.

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