In Tech-Geek Bliss With My New Camera Gadget

For those of you who follow me in the social media world, then you probably know that I can’t stop photographing nature or events and sharing them with you.  I used to carry around my Canon T2i to events and hikes, and have many fond photos and memories.  Fast forward to around August of last year, when I felt that my new iPhone could probably deliver the same quality of photos, with the added benefit of keeping it in my pocket without being weighted down with a professional camera.

And yes, the iPhone became my best buddy for the next year or so.  I never left home without it on my hikes through nature.  Here are some amazing photos of nature that I took through the season of my walks with my iPhone:

How to have a happier day!

At the CES conference in January, I won the Samsung Galaxy Camera at the Verizon Wireless cocktail hour.   Thank you Monica @TheOnLineMom for the awesome tour and cocktail hour hosted by Verizon. #VZWBuzz

Lucky me!  This has to be my new favorite tech toy.  Why, you ask?

The selling point for me is that I can post my photos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google instantly from my tweet-up events.  It allows me to e-mail from the Smart Camera!  I particularly like the fact that this camera takes such high-quality photos that I rarely need to use the filter on Instagram.  Plus it has built in software filters and 14 shooting modes, including burst, macro, panorama, sunset and waterfall.

You can even install apps on this camera, like the note pad, which I use quite often.

Now I don’t go anywhere without my Smart Camera, and my iPhone is jealous, as the Smart Camera has stolen its job.

Here are a few photos from my new Samsung Galaxy Smart Camera:


Celebrating Chinese New Year with my family ツ

The sky is the daily bread of the eyes. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

The sky is the ultimate art gallery just above us. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Testing out the drink for our guests with @ShanaGlenzer. #EdgarSocial #SMWWDC #SMW13
Just like the Samsung ad for the Smart Camera says—now everyone can shoot like a professional!  It doesn’t matter if the lights are bright or dim, whether you need to shoot up close or in the distance—it’s like it can read my mind and make every shot into a beautiful memory.  The Smart Mode setting is frankly amazing!  It makes my photos look like they were shot by a pro.  Need to catch high-speed action? Want a cool shot of taillights going by?  Smart Mode will capture just what you want to see.
And you know when you see a movie, and that special romantic scene is played out in slo-mo? The Smart Camera can do that too, so you can create your own “happily-ever-after” scene from your life.  I’m seriously in love with what this camera can do.  What can’t it do? Not much.
More specs here:
I recently saw that over 15 percent of 1,000 people would give up sex before their iPhone, and I was a little shocked.
They would give up sex before going just a weekend without their iPhone?  But then I got my new Samsung Galaxy Smart Camera, and well…I don’t know if I’d choose it over sex, but I have a new found understanding of why those iPhone users responded the way they did.   I will admit that I am deeply in love with this camera.  Yes sir, madly in love.
 So what is your favorite tech toy?  Would you choose it over sex?

Photography by Ann Tran




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3 Replies to “In Tech-Geek Bliss With My New Camera Gadget

  1. Great post & inspiration to take more photos on all devices. Being able to tweet and edit the photo right on the camera is fabulous though! I see a shopping trip in my future. Thanks for sharing!

    As for my favorite tech toy – it’s probably still my iPhone. And I’m pleading the fifth on final question (probably no though).

    1. Hello Shana,

      I would love to get your feed back once you check out the Samsung Galaxy Camera. It’s definitely my go to toy!

      Regarding the fifth (⌣˛⌣)


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