The BlackBerry Z10 Has Some Real Juice

I’m currently getting the opportunity to play around with the new BlackBerry Z10! This is my first BlackBerry, and I’m still figuring out how to navigate and generally testing it out.  I would like to both share and highlight some cool features that have impressed me so far.

Firstly, if you’ve used a BlackBerry before you might be dismissive of a new version—don’t be!  The Z10 is completely redesigned and reinvented.  The newly engineered platform is like nothing a BlackBerry user—or anyone else, for that matter—has seen or used before.  This new mobile phone experience is faster, smarter, better, more!  This BlackBerry continuously learns how you use the phone and adapts along with your continued use.

Here’s something I know my followers will like:  The Z10 has a “sharing framework” that can be accessed by any app, making it easy and super fast to share something with any of your contacts.  You don’t even have to leave the app! The Z10 does it all from the apps’ menu, so it’s the same across the entire platform.

My favorite feature so far is the touchscreen keyboard that builds a complete library of the words I use all the time, then it provides me a list when I type!  I can just quickly add the next word in place, and it actually shows the word flying across the touchscreen.  The best thing about it is that you can turn it off and on easily, both the list and the flying animation.

Ever have that great group shot, but someone has their eyes closed?  Happens all the time, right?  Not with the BlackBerry Z10: one of their new camera features is something called Time Shift, which allows you to adjust each subject’s face individually to get the best picture possible.  You all know how many group shots I take—this is like a magic wand for me!

Jean Newman Glock recently purchased a Samsung GALAXY camera after reading my blog post about it, and may be interested in the BlackBerry Z10 as she travels a lot internationally.  If you want more information about the Z10’s suitability for international use, please read this article—make sure you can make international calls before buying.

But don’t just take my word for how awesome this phone is—here’s a video guide recap for the BlackBerry Z10 from  the one-day Verizon conference I attended last week.  In the video, you can hear how impressed the audience was by some of the smartphone’s exciting features as the BlackBerry representative demonstrated the Z10’s coolest features abilities.

If you thought BlackBerry smartphones were just for business types, this Z10 should change your mind.  Why not check it out for yourself?  At the rate new technology is advancing, we owe it to ourselves to use the best gear on the market to make our lives easier.

I received a BlackBerry Z10 as a gift.
I received a BlackBerry Z10 as a gift.


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