Brave New World in 3-D, Technicolor and Surround Sound

Crayola Crayons—did you have a box when you were a kid?  My first box of crayons was the “24 Crayola” and then I went big-time and traded up to the “64 Crayola”.  Oh yes, life was good.  Do you remember your favorite color?

Well, fast-forward to today, where coloring is done just a little bit differently.  I won a Griffin and Crayola DigiTools at my last Verizon Tweet-Up.  I took the cool Crayola Color and Play Workstation over to play with my four year old nephew—no need to look for paper and make sure all the colors are in the box.  The DigiTools come in a compact box with a Digital Crayon, Digital Stamper and Digital Airbrush, all with 3-D capability.

The great thing with this new generation is that no directions are required. Present kids these days with technology and they just start playing with it and, before you know it, they are showing you what to do. My little nephew especially loved using the Digital Stamper to create animated images.  His eyes lit up when he saw the eye popping 3-D artwork he’d created using the kit’s full spectrum of colors.  An added benefit of the DigiTools that I think his parents probably enjoy is that there is no way to make a mess on the walls or furniture.  Another bonus:  His parents tell me that it is a boon on long car drives—it keeps my nephew busy and quiet.

Kids these days are so lucky.  Life sure was different when we were growing up.  Do you remember playing kickball after school?  Okay, okay, I digress…but it is a very different world today.

I also won the Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater, and it really came in handy recently at a cookout I went to. This thing is fantastic!  I was able to play all of my favorite songs that I downloaded from iTunes.  When I won all these fun gadgets, my husband suggested that he needs to design a jacket for me with eight pockets to secure all my new toys.  Hey, I wonder if anyone has already done that?  If not, that’s a great business idea right there…

The Thunderstorm was a godsend in the kitchen, as my sister-in-law and I used it while cooking.  The sound is so powerful we could even hear it over the exhaust fan!  I can see that this toy is going to be one I use a lot!

Wow, technology makes life so much fun!  Do you remember what life was like before technology?



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