Tweet and Treat: Surprises at Latest @EdgarDC Tweet-Up

Why was this latest Tweet-Up at The Mayflower Renaissance’s @EdgarDC so special for me?

I didn’t expect it to be.  After all, I’ve hosted several of these before, and I’ve enjoyed every one!  But before I get to my surprises that made this event so special, I want to thank everyone who submitted a photograph to the #VZWBuzz Cherry Blossom photo contest.  There were so many unique and stunning photos of all of Washington D.C.’s historic monuments surrounded by the delicate cherry blossoms—I thoroughly enjoyed looking through all of them!

I also want to thank Monica Vila again for her generosity in donating the marvelous Samsung GALAXY camera.


MLK Among the blossoms500
The MLK Monument Among the Cherry Blossoms! I call it “Beautiful Determination!” by @LViolette #vzwbuzz #edgardc

But you must all be wondering who won…so congratulations to Liv Violette, @LViolette), our winner of the Cherry Blossom photo contest!

Thank you to all those who participated and attended our evening event among social friends to celebrate springtime in our beautiful city.  For those of you who did not get to leave with the awesome camera, you may want to get in touch with Liv regarding her fun Willy Washington photo contest.  It’s definitely a contest I’m going to be entering!

And now for the surprises—Tweet Up guests from outside the Washington D.C. area!  The out-of-towners included John Lusher from Roanoke, Virginia, about three hours drive from the city.  This was the first time I’d ever had the chance to meet John and his wife face-to-face! We’ve tweeted with each for about three years now, so this meeting was very special. If you are ever in the Roanoke area, John hosts a quarterly HootSuite HootUp that you are welcome to attend.

Misty and Marty McPadden traveled all the way from Connecticut, making this the fourth time we’ve been able to meet. The first time was in New York City back in October 2012, then  we met up at CES in January, and again at a #vzwbuzz NYC Times Square live Tweet Up this April.  Misty and Marty, thank you for speaking briefly on How to Build your Google Plus Community and giving tips on Hangouts.  I would love to work on a Tweet- Up with you both in the future.

Last but certainly not least, @SuperBen took three separate trips from San Francisco to be in this photo contest.  Now that is dedication!  He visited twice to take photos at Washington D.C.’s Cherry Blossom Festival and, because the rule of the Tweet Up was that you had to be present to win, he returned for the @EdgarDC event.  Although Ben did not walk away with the prize, he was our runner-up.

Strolling down the Tidal Basin amongst Cherry Blossoms by @superben (our guest all the way from San Francisco)

I have been hosting the @EdgarDC monthly tweet-up since December 2012 and assumed that they were a fun and local networking event for Washington, D.C.’s social media friends. I never imagined that four out-of-town guests would be able to join us—it was such a treat for me!  Thank you to attendees from both near and far for spending time with old and new friends and Tweeters.

Social media is a wonderful opportunity for us in many ways: we can connect, make new friends and build a rich support team.  Do this genuinely and watch your brand grow through the power of social media.

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2 Replies to “Tweet and Treat: Surprises at Latest @EdgarDC Tweet-Up

  1. Ann!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to meet all the interesting people at your last Tweet Up! I am feeling SO BLESSED and have been enjoying my new Samsung GALAXY camera. It truly was an honor to have won your prestigious contest with SO MANY talented photographers participating!

    Look forward to your next Tweet Up — you ball of positive energy you!

    Liv Violette

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