Wine Country on Washington D.C.’s Doorstep

Cradled by the foothills of the Blue Ridge on the edge of Virginia DC’s wine country, you can find peace, nature and beauty at this delightful oasis.


As you drive through the gates of the Doukenie Winery, you find yourself on a road leading you to a hidden paradise.


What you find is a breathtaking view, whether you’re visiting for a wine event, wine tastings, wine tours or just to tune in with nature.  In fact, the view allowed me to understand the meaning of “terroir”, and realize that the landscape is as important as the grape when making a wine!


The terroir is the combination of soil, weather and location all coming together to affect the way the grapes grow and eventually taste.   For winemakers like the ones at Doukenie Winery, terroir is everything, and finding the ideal vineyard conditions isn’t easy.  That’s why I was so impressed that the beauty of Doukenie Winery matched its ability to produce amazing vintages.


I wasn’t far from Washington D.C., yet I was sitting at a small, boutique operation surrounded by a charming landscape.


To be able to enjoy a tasting of our local wines while talking about travel and the science of making wine was such a treat. I met the charming winemaker, Sebastien Marquet, and we discussed his passion for producing wine, which gave me such an appreciation for the way that people fall in love with wine making.


Now when I open a bottle of wine, I can imagine the dedication, love and hard work that had been poured into it, from planning and harvesting through to producing the wine or port.

You can read more about it on The Huffington Post blog Jean Newman Glock and I wrote together.  I had a wonderful time with Jean and it’s not even a “staycation”—it’s a “daycation”!  The drive to the country was splendid, and I will definitely be back in the autumn to enjoy more wine and the foliage that Mother Nature will offer.

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