Tech Surprises from Verizon for West Coast #VZWBuzz Team

When Monica Villa (@TheOnlineMom) invited me to join the West Coast #VZWBuzz team a few weeks ago, I was happy to join her. I always enjoy learning about the newest innovations in technology.

When we arrived at the dinner that Verizon kindly hosted for us, we all received the new Samsung Galaxy S4. The rest of the diners probably wondered what we were all screaming about! Unfortunately, I didn’t get the screams of delight on a Vine video, the photo here captures the essence of the moment we all received those smartphones.


So, what do Verizon Brand Ambassadors do when they get together? We get to discover all the latest and brightest ways technology is helping our lives improve for the better. There were some fantastic presentations—I especially liked the Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi, called “your car’s new best friend”, because it can send an alert to a smartphone or tablet to inform about speeding or potential automotive problems. This means that parents can know when their teen driver is speeding, and even locate where they are!

Another product I found fascinating was the Vgo, a four-foot-tall robotic device with a monitor and a camera…on wheels. Imagine if an employee or student couldn’t attend work or classes because of a health problem or accident—the Vgo could attend for them and they could still interact through the Vgo’s WiFi or 4G capability.

As well as being briefed on all this new technology, we get to bond with our family of Brand Ambassadors, and build relationships with these people we’ve been tweeting with for many years. It’s always great for me to head to the West Coast for “IRL”—in real time—with social media friends—I got to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones. After all, it’s all about the “real” relationships.

Watch the entire video for the highlights of the West Coast #VZWBuzz presentation of the new and innovative ideas that Verizon has on offer. Do you have a new gadget that’s your latest favorite, or just can’t put down? Please share in the comments!

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  1. I use my HTC Incredible smartphoneore than I use my computer, but totally frustrated with the touch keyboard. Corrections probably at least quadruples the time it takes for me to compose an entry. Motorola’s Droid 4 has the physical keyboard I want, but it’s performance is not as strong compared to the latest smartphones. Blackberry Q10 has the keyboard, but the screen size too small. I’d love to know if more devices will have physical keyboards, or has it been abandoned by the manufacturers…

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