Social Media Tools I Can’t Travel Without

What’s in your social media tool kit when you travel?  I thought I was fully equipped with a laptop, Mophie Juice Pack Universal Power Station along with my Samsung GALAXY camera—you know, the one that can post my photos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google+ instantly.

But, of course, the unexpected happened on our flight to Maui. Within 90 minutes after takeoff, we had to turn around for precautionary reasons.  We were stuck in a terminal without access to electrical outlets, and the Mophie Juice Pack went quickly. Next time, I’ll know better—don’t get on a flight without three Mophie Juice Packs.

I went to Maui for a very special event: Ka’anapali Fresh 2013 on Ka’anapali Beach (named #1 in Travelers’ Choice 2013 by TripAdvisor).  Both the event and the location are already a visual feast for a photographer, but then I found that all the events were loaded with extra eye candy.  I found out quickly how much battery life photos take, so I highly recommend that you juice up before attending this event.   I can’t wait to share more photos from our #KFresh13 adventure, blog posts along with a video this coming week.  But in the meantime, you can catch up on some of our adventures in Maui by checking this out: Ka’anapali Fresh 2013 Roundup by Peter Liu.

Thanks again to Joyce for sharing her hotspot—her Verizon smartphone has 4GTLE service that also provides hotspot capabilities. That means that multiple devices can access the Internet, with surprising speed!  It was great that Verizon provided us with a hotspot.  The wireless signal came in very handy.

Stay tuned… You can also follow along on my Instagram and Google+ accounts for more Ka’anapali Fresh 2013 (#KFresh13) photos.

What’s in Your Social Media Emergency Kit?



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