A City in the Clouds: Memories of Machu Picchu

When the Architectural Digest Promotions Team asked me to be a guest editor for JW Marriott on luxury travel, I was elated.  It’s always fun to walk down memory lane, but I rarely revisit a place for a vacation.  That said, Peru holds a special place in my heart.  I loved the people and the spirituality that I found there, and the calmness that I felt on top of Machu Picchu was unparalleled.  I’d love to walk down (or, in this case, up?) my personal Machu Picchu “memory lane” someday—literally!

As I was searching around for photographers to feature for this month, I remembered following along J.D. Andrew‘s journey.



I particularly like this photo because I like to wonder what he/she is thinking…it looks as if the llama was checking out the tourists, amused that they took so long to make the climb up.  I also remember the freshness of the air there—I’ve never experienced anything like it before or since!

I also like J.D.’s video —it allows me to travel back in time for a short moment.

If you would like to see which other photographers I featured this month, visit JW Marriott’s Facebook and Twitter as we explore a new destination each week.

It was a privilege to be on the JW Marriott and the Architectural Digest Promotions team.  Thank you for taking me on a journey through my past and I hope to explore many new destinations.

Where would you start if you got to Cusco, Peru?  Would you relax in your hotel room or start up the stairs to Machu Picchu?



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  1. I went to Macchu Picchu a few years ago and enroute started at the Marriott in Lima, Peru. I am a Marriott Gold Rewards member do always try to see if I can find a Marriott hotel nearby first.


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