Capture Harvest Hues and Halloween For a Chance To Win

We recently celebrated the best of your memories of this summer with the #VZWBuzz Instagram Contest organized by my friend Monica Vila at The Online Mom team.  Congratulations to Tony Bennett and Misty McPadden for taking home the Samsung GALAXY camera!

The VZWBuzz program by Verizon is designed to help consumers learn about the many ways mobile technology can enhance our lifestyle.  Since we love sharing our memories, Monica and I thought it would be a great idea to follow up our summer Instagram photo contest with one for this beautiful time of year.  Capture your favorite Fall colors, events and even Halloween!

So—here we go! Post your “Best of Fall” image along with a photo caption of your destination on Twitter and include the hash tag #VZWBuzz.  Make sure you add @AnnTran_ and that you’re following Verizon on

#VZWBuzz will be giving away the Samsung GALAXY camera for the best Fall image captured by YOU and judged by our distinguished panel!

We actually now have an unofficial Samsung GALAXY club and we follow each other’s photo adventures on Facebook. When I post a picture on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, I get asked on a regular basis what camera I use.  This camera is that incredible!  No, it’s not a magic camera which means that one still must have an eye to capture a great image.  Artists need the best tools, and the Samsung GALAXY camera is my paintbrush of choice.

What I love about this camera is in addition to the quality of the shots that it takes, is that I can instantly post my photos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google+ from my tweet-up events.

Good luck to everyone who enters the #VZWBuzz contest.  I can’t wait to see some of your photos, and tweet and post them on my social media channels!  I always enjoy a peek into your world.


Photograph by Christian Wolferts



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