The Travel Bug: Do You Have It?

What do you love about travel?  Back in the day, visiting other states or countries was all about shopping for me. These days, I travel for the fulfillment of the heart, the vistas and the cuisine! One of my favorite days of travel was a train ride from Leipzig to the south of Germany where we saw fields of gold and glimpses of castles through the trees—the Rhinegau is absolutely breathtaking and so romantic.

What a treat to experience a two-day adventure through the Rhinegau wine country with two of my fellow travelers from the Social Media Travel Summit.  I was grateful to have the opportunity to attend such an informative and well-organized conference.  What I really enjoyed about it was the intimate size that made me feel special to be included, and also allowed me plenty of opportunity to chat with the majority of the other attendees.  Kudos and congrats to you, Catharina Fischer, Keith Jenkins, Angelika Schwaff  and your team.

To top off the conference, the fifty bloggers split up and went on small mini trips in Germany.  #WelterbeGermany   After the conference in Leipzig, @velvetescape, @TravelBlggr and I took a four-hour train ride to Germany’s wine country.  Tasting #Germanwine in charming Schloss Vollrads was truly an enchanting experience!  Between the stone castle with an actual moat and the views across the acres of grape vines while sipping the world’s finest dessert wines—unforgettable.  The Reisling in Germany is magical and I can’t wait to go back.


Thank you to Walter Schönleber, our wonderful wine guide.  Not only was he full of information about the wine, he also surprised us with a picnic lunch by the vineyard.  Such a charming and genuinely passionate gentlemen—it’s the little things that make a day into a lovely memory.


What I enjoyed about my traveling partners was their low-key demeanor.   It’s good to have some down-time, and spend time face-to-face with my two social media travelers, with whom I have only tweeted with over the past five years.  It was their company, as well as Walter’s, that made the experience and the conversation so splendid and so enjoyable.

Thank you @GermanyTourism for your wonderful hospitality and attention to detail.  I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and the additional trip.  Sending us off with a care package for train ride was incredibly sweet and thoughtful.

This trip was not only delightful but also rich in experience.  I treasure my friendships with my social media travel friends and this trip gave me a great way to spend quality time with them.  Thank you for following along on our odyssey—the next adventure awaits.

What is your all-time favorite travel experience? What is the reason you travel?

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