A Visual Journey Through Moscow’s Striking Subway Stations

During my trip through Russia’s waterways on Viking River Cruises, we had the opportunity to tour Moscow’s magnificent subway system. It was one of the tours I really wanted to spend more time exploring, but there were so many remarkable choices offered by the Viking Rurik Cruise that I did not get to personally experience it in depth.

By luck, I struck up a conversation with a fellow passenger, Daisy Tan and we started speaking about Instagram and social media.  I asked what she enjoyed about her trip so far, and she shared her trek on the Moscow subways with me.  The impressive images she showed me inspired me to share a few of Daisy’s production.

The Moscow tour included some of the stations I really wanted to see, but I took a mini excursion of the subway that included other stops.  I met my friend Daisy on the ship who is from LA.  She allowed me to share her beautiful photos with you.  What is great about these trips is that I made a few friends along the way.

I think you’ll be surprised to see these photos. Usually, when we think of subways, we think grimy, dark and dangerous.  But not in Moscow—they are full of vaulted ceilings, chandeliers, rococo friezes, stunning murals and exquisite tile floors.  It’s like walking through the ballroom of a glamorous mansion.  Have a look at our virtual tour from Daisy’s camera:



Aviamotornaya (Moscow Metro)




Mayakovsksya Station
Mayakovsksya Station




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