Russian River Rapture: Exploring the Waterways of the Tsars

When Jean Newman Glock invited me to tour Russia’s Waterways of the Tsars on Viking River Cruises, I jumped at the chance. When I first learned that it was Jean’s 30th time to Russia, I couldn’t understand why she’d visited so often—until I took the journey with her.  There is too much to do and too little time to see everything on just one visit.

This was my first experience with the Viking River Cruises, and I enjoyed it immensely.  The staff on our ship, the Rurik, was exceptional, and the wonderful Hotel Manager kept us in comfort by dedicating his total attention to our happiness.  The crew kept us entertained, and we had moments of pure joy—I thoroughly savored our vodka tasting!

The ship always felt like a home away from home, and I wanted to thank Jens Wehrenberg, Hotel Manager and his team for being such a gracious host.  Premium tours are always provided by #VikingTravels, but if you wanted your own private tour, they will be happy to arrange it.

It was an incredibly rich experience. My cameras and I were surrounded by a menagerie of color, history and architecture.

Here is a recap of my adventure, through my camera lens.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral
Moscow by night: beautiful illumination.
Entering the Kremlin. Photo by @jeannewmanglock
The Peterhof Palace is palace of Peter the Great, the “Russian Versailles”
Church of the Resurrection. (the total area covered by the mosaic images is 7000 square metres).

Being able to experience my first river cruise on such a premium cruise line was incredible, and I’m so grateful.  Thank you Jean and @VikingRiver for the gracious invitation and your generosity.  I hope to return to Europe for another adventure on the Viking River Cruises.

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2 Replies to “Russian River Rapture: Exploring the Waterways of the Tsars

  1. Hi Ann Tran,

    I guess some people is very lucky enough to be able to visit same place for the 30th time especially Russia. How i wish i could have the same opportunity like her just even once is enough for me. 🙂 I do traveled a lot but mostly here in Asia due to business trip. Visiting Saint Basil Cathedral soon is one of my bucket list. Thanks for sharing your amazing photos here.

    1. Indeed, Jean has a super job and I was fortunate to join her on the Viking trip. I am heading over to Asia in March. Thank you for sharing.


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