Sleeping Back in Time: Vintage Campers at Base Camp

During my trek through Germany, I wanted to experience the true flavor of the country. The German Tourism Bureau team was so generous and completely provided a spectrum of activities for my travel taste. I stopped in Bonn, the former West German capital, for two nights after living in a dreamlike “Sleeping Beauty” fantasy castle the day before at Castle Hotel Auf Schonburg.

Bonn’s choices of accommodation come in a wide variety, from high luxury to extremely creative. The city’s Base Camp definitely falls into the latter category. I love the eclectic flavor of the hotel—if you can call it that. It’s actually a collection of restored Airstream and other vintage trailers and campers arranged by a German film set designer. This is great choice for families with young children, Peter Pan-types who never grew up, or if you want to spend your vacation camping but want all the modern conveniences.



These beautifully restored Volkswagen camper vans make for a whimsical overnight experience.
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Want to spend your time in the faux-English countryside? Choose this trailer and have a spot of tea in the afternoon on your “porch”.

Pretend you’re in the South of France in their vintage Citroen camper, complete with a bistro table and chairs.

If you are not in the experimental mood, you could opt for their sister property, the Bonnox Boarding House & Hotel, which is very spacious and comfortable.

I enjoyed my trip in Germany because the experiences were all so unique and different. Visiting the Base Camp was definitely a kaleidoscopic and offbeat adventure.


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