21 of the top 25 Coffee Consuming Countries are in Europe!

At each stop on my #VikingSocial trip, a different experience stands out.  In Vienna, Austria, the cappuccinos were so delicious, it stayed in my heart and on my taste buds.  Good coffee should go down smoothly like fine wine.

Here are some fun coffee facts learned on my #VikingSocial trip.

Coffee use can be traced to as early as the 15th century in the Arabian Peninsula when goat herders (allegedly) noticed that coffee beans made their goats frisky!

• By the 17th century travelers brought coffee to Europe where it was seen as being a suspicious beverage requiring Papal approval. Good thing Pope Clement VIII gave it his “thumbs up”!

• Contrary to a popular legend, the first Viennese Kaffeehaus was actually opened in 1683 by an Armenian spy, Johannes Diodato, who also served in the Imperial Court.

• When the Dutch came to colonize Central and South America they brought their coffee plants with them and unknowingly launched a still thriving coffee industry.

Coffee is a prohibited beverage for Mormons, Muslims during Ramadam and Rastafarians. Kosher Jews and Seventh Day Adventists have their own issues with coffee but do not entirely prohibit it.



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