Five Ways to Find Out If Your Instagram Account is Boring

Is there an art to Instagraming? I recently did some housecleaning on my Instagram accounts, and I unfollowed half of my followers. Why? Well, as much as I try to be a positive person, sometimes common sense seems to be rather uncommon on social media. Here’s why I unfollowed so many IG accounts:

  1. Quotes are fine—but only if it is paired with an image that tells a story or shows me your personality.
  2. Posting a quote and/or selfies on IG all day lacks creativity. It’s nice to see a picture of you every now and then, but IG shouldn’t really be used as your private photo album. If you’re only posting photos of yourself, and not your experiences, it’s hard for me to get excited about what you’re posting.
  3. Before we hit “post” on our social channels, ask yourself this: Is this post inspiring, is it informative, is it fun and conversational? I want to see images of what’s around you. You don’t have to travel far to capture the beauty of the world.
  4. I follow Tony Bennett on IG. (Not the singer, by the way!) His photographs are so appealing, electrifying and stirring. It makes me happy when I see his photos fill my screen.
  5. Please don’t post 20 photos within an hour. Why would you post a run of photos? Try to self-edit. Parcel out your posts and be selective of what you post on your IG page.



I post about one photo a day. When I travel, I may post up to five a day and spread them out. I also save the images to share later when I am at home. I appreciate the chance to reminisce about my experiences or travel through my digital “breadcrumbs”. This also allows me more time to engage with my fellow IGers.


As with all social media, the key to a great Instagram account is engagement, not posting and running. Perhaps you may use IG as a personal photo album, and that is your prerogative. But just don’t expect everyone to be as fascinated with your selfies as you are.



Inspire others with thoughtful posts, and we will happily join you on your journey.


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