A View From the Top: Climbing Gibraltar

You may have heard of the Rock of Gibraltar, but did you know where it is? It’s actually a peninsula near the southernmost part of Spain. Even though it’s surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, it’s not an island. But it is actually a Crown property of the United Kingdom, not Spanish. And it’s amazing!

I had the best nature hike ever on the Rock of Gibraltar. It was my favorite excursion of all the ones I took on my #VikingStar cruise from Barcelona to Lisbon.



The hike had a little bit of everything…steps, caves, monkeys, spectacular ocean vistas and wild flowers galore.

There were so many wild flowers that I was easily distracted by their beauty. Even if you are not a hiker, it is worth climbing 700 feet via a thousand steps to admire the view 1,400 feet above sea level.

If you are looking for a guide to take you up to the Rock of Gibraltar, I highly recommend Bettina Manner.

She sang to us at the end of our hike with a voice as beautiful as the view. She was kind enough to give me a gift of a book about the flowers of Gibraltar so I could share the facts and history of the flowers with my social media friends.

A View From The Top Climbing Gibraltar

This was by far one of my favorite excursions on a cruise this year. If you are a hiker and love nature like me, this is a great destination to add to your Mediterranean travel itinerary.

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