Desert Dreams: Magical Moments on Stage @WynnLasVegas

When I posted on my social media channels of my next adventure to Las Vegas, the common message from my audience was: “Win big for us!”  I am not at all a gambler, so what I had in mind was a “staycation” at @WynnLasVegas—plus I was looking forward to experiencing their two big entertainment productions, “ShowStoppers” and “Le Rève.”


We arrived late in Vegas, around 2:00 a.m to find that yes, it is true: The Strip never sleeps.


The @WynnLasVegas has an 18-hole golf course directly on their resort, and it was my tranquil view from the suite.  Golfers take note—it’s the only golf course on the Strip, so you’ll get the best of both worlds.

As I walked through the property, I couldn’t help but notice the exquisite art pieces throughout the beautiful property.  If you are an art lover, don’t miss the unique and exotic pieces that are displayed throughout the Wynn and Encore hotels; they will keep you entertained for a day.  Their art collection is a rich indulgence, and even if you are an aficionado, it helps to have a copy of Wynn’s Taste of the Arts:  Public Artwork at Wynn And Encore as you explore.  This guide book with enlighten you to the history of the pieces, and what was behind the artists’ inspiration.  Some of the treasures include “Joe Joe”, Tim Bavington’s graphic representation of the lyrics to the Beatles “Get Back”;  “Seated Woman” at the center of Botero Restaurant, all 2,755 pounds of which had to be floated into position on blocks of ice that then melted; and “Tulips” by artist Jeff Koons, acquired personally by Steve Wynn so that guests to the Wynn Theatre are greeted with child-like innocence.

Speaking of the Wynn Theatre, the first show we experienced was “Show Stoppers“, as I heard it was voted the best new show in Las Vegas.


I admit, I was thoroughly ‘razzle-dazzled’ by Steve Wynn’s #ShowStoppers.  The concept was to incorporate the best numbers from 40 years of musical theatre, all performed by an amazing cast of singers and dancers.  What a musical extravaganza to bring together in one evening’s entertainment.  I especially loved the costumes, which were authentic to the original hit Broadway shows.


It was a treat to get a glimpse behind the curtain before the show, and see a bit of the magic revealed prior to watching #LeReve.

But before the performance, we needed to eat! And the culinary adventure never stops at the Wynn/Encore, with 19 dining choices throughout the property that will satisfy every craving.  We were treated to dinner at Sinatra, with perfectly blended cocktails and truffle-covered pastas.  Oh, and I hear you can have truffle on your ice cream too!  I guess we will have to explore that culinary treat when I visit Las Vegas next.

If that wasn’t decadent enough (and it was!), we were served champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries during “Le Reve“, our next stop of the evening. And, because this is Vegas, you don’t even have to pour your own champagne.  There was not one bad seat in the house, as the water stage was “theatre-in-the-round” with no seat further than 46 feet from the performers.  I appreciated seeing the show after nine years from my first visit @WynnLasVegas.

I understand that they update #LeReve every six months, so audiences can re-experience this production every year and see something new. And why wouldn’t you? It was a colorful, energetic and entertaining performance.  I can say I was thoroughly mesmerized by the incredible staging and lighting that showcased the performers’ superhuman talents.  It was like watching a movie, but even better because the audience becomes so immersed in the “dream.”


#LeReve is a magical, never-to-be-forgotten experience that I will savor in my memory. Both shows are a #MustSee as they offer two different styles of entertainment.

I enjoyed many moments of delight and wonder in the desert—the Strip is much more than just a place to gamble. So, this is not goodbye, just farewell. See you again soon, Las Vegas!

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