Keeping Your Head Above Water in Social Media

The pace of social media sometimes feels like a treadmill. How do successful people stay calm with the pressure of the social media equivalent of “Groundhog Day”?

I recommend that you first step back and make sure your goals are aligned with the direction of your ideal career path. You need to keep it fun, and challenge yourself to keep it original. I unplugged for two days to go hiking in Harper’s Ferry to recharge my imagination and artistic creativity. If photographing nature invigorates your vision, then do this!  Staying in a rut is not productive.

Mistakes and redundancy are certain to happen when you’re in a rut. The secret to overcoming this is to stay calm and regroup.

How do you get innovative when what you are doing does not feel challenging or rewarding? One needs to channel visionary energy and come up with reasons to take action. Define your end goal and understand the “why” of what is important to you. Why do it otherwise?

When working on a project with others, how do you know when your team needs a break in order to refresh?  Are you being less productive? Pay attention to the signs, as they will become obvious when you look. A healthy and positive environment creates a cohesive team. Focus on finding solutions to make things run smoothly. When your focal point is to magnify the disconnect between creativity and producing, you lose sight of an opportunity. Understanding the why and honing in on the end goal is much more advantageous for you, and all parties surrounding you.

How do you keep your head above the crashing waves of social media? Discipline, consistency and stamina help you keep up with the momentum and speed of the virtual social world. Empower yourself by focusing your strength into making the process work better. Being prepared for the challenge will improve the flow of inspiration. Trust me, this works beautifully!

How do you keep things buzzing along smoothly? Accept that life is not perfect. Stop, recalibrate and visualize—move forward and upward. Implement a plan, be reliable, and work at taking action.

Share with us how you keep yourself sustained in the world of social media. Do you modify your program or process to keep afloat in the ever-changing sea of social media?



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