Reap What You Sow: Five Ways to be a Social Media Star

Do you want to know the real reason people keep following you on social media? It’s because of alluring and entertaining content.  So if you want to gain and retain followers, keep it compelling and captivating.

1. It’s worth it, so make the time.

Does social media feel like a chore? Do you think of social media marketing as just a fad? It is disappointing when brands discount social media, refusing to see it as a means to boost their business and sales. But there are no quick solutions to social media success—invest your time and budget to generate results.

2. Plan ahead, and make it special.

Value social media and make it part of your budget planning. Before you start, determine your goals and metrics, whether it is engagement or re-tweets. Make sure your social channels and website is dressed for window shoppers. Ensure that your page is fun, informative, and engaging so that it will pull your audience in and keep them there! Not sure that putting money towards social media is worth it? This article from Social Media Today might change your mind.

3. Be creative, take your time, and get noticed.

I noticed a plethora of brilliant autumn images on social media this season. I’m not trying to sound unappreciative of Mother Nature, but after seeing one leaf or tree, they all seem to blur into one.  Try to set your image apart by challenging yourself to position your brand differently from the rest of the masses.

Dress your social channels with eye-candy. The more interactive and eye-catching your material is, the more buzz and positive results you’ll receive for your efforts. Do not replicate your competition, but rather uncover what sets you apart from your industry in the sea of social media.  Remember, you don’t need to share all your images on the same day.  Keep an inventory of content and distribute across your channels leisurely. Be original in your captions, and don’t be afraid to reminisce about events through your images.  Don’t rush to post!

4. Don’t wing it, schedule it.

Implement a regular and persistent schedule with your social media activities. Pay attention to what is current on social media. Be visible and keep up the energy in your posts. You must harvest it daily to grow your brand and community.  This can be tough, because social media is non-stop and 24/7.  Remember to practice a “Digital Sabbath” so you don’t burn out.

5. Don’t jump on the bandwagon.

Keep up with all the new marketing tools being launched on a monthly basis, but you don’t have to be the early adopter for every one. Sit back, and observe what not to do. Share your knowledge with others and figure out if the new tool is a fit with your brand and your client’s brand. Team up with influencers who are leading the way on the social channels that fit your campaign’s needs.

Please feel free to share with us your favorite quick tips in preparing and coming up with fresh content each day or week.


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