A sip in every port – my style of cruising

My first wine tasting experience was in Virginia, in my hometown. Not exactly a place known for great grapes, but I was hooked at my first sip. A bit after that, I was fortunate enough to venture to California’s Sonoma and Napa counties for more tasting. Then, @AzamaraVoyages completely transported me into another world of wine when we cruised through Bordeaux, France.  

I enjoy wine and am always impressed by how much knowledge a sommelier knows about wine, and its tastes and smells. I met sommelier Darko Lilic when cruising on the Azamara Quest. He totally wowed me with his encyclopedic knowledge. Also, he shared some unusual facts, which are in the infographic below. You can show off to your friends with these fun facts. For more detailed reading, please read my article on Ten Wine Facts To Impress Your Dinner Guests. 

ASipInEveryPort–My Style Of Cruising

A sommelier is a trained professional with certification. It’s serious business.

The Court of Master Sommeliers, a United States organization, provides sommelier certification. They also offer a Master Sommelier certification. A similar program is the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, which is in England and the Master of Wine coursework is available in the United States. These courses of study are akin to studying for a master’s degree. There have been only 180 Master Sommelier and 288 Master of Wine certificates conferred. (Think about that!) 

I’ve yet to hear about a HGTV or A&E series on sommeliers, but mark my words: Soon, wine will be a trending profession. Sort of how fashion designers, and chefs are filling the airwaves.  

When home in Virginia, I still like to explore new wineries for 1) my palate and 2) landscape images for my Instagram page. I invite you to follow along with me on my next two cruises. I’m sure the wine in Greece and Norway will be as exquisite as the scenery. I wonder what pairs best with fjords? What whites and reds will be served while basking in the archeological treasures lining the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas? I’ll be sure to pass on my new wine knowledge to you. 

What are your favorite wine regions? Do you have any wine tasting travel plans?  Please follow along with me as I cruise with Azamara Quest. As Robert Louis Stevenson, author of “Treasure Island” and “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” once wrote,  “Wine is bottled poetry.”  


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