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Last week, I attended a Capital One Bank event and met its newly designed mobile app, which is secure, simple to use, and allows all personal banking functions. This is a real boon as I travel quite a bit in my social media business and am frequently away from family and familiar routines like the convenience and comfort of local branch banking with a friendly teller. Though I need reliable banking access while on the road, I have been wary of banking on a mobile device.

Generally, I cringe when learning a new app (yes, it’s true), but within a few minutes of playing around I was comfortable with navigating finances. As of now I am no longer worried about using a financial app on my mobile phone.

My primary concern was security. Will others gain access to my information or be able to make unauthorized withdrawals or transfers? The answer is “no” because the Capital One Bank app eliminates typing passwords. You can sign in quickly and securely with the fingerprint Touch ID or with SureSwipe’s patterned password.

The mobile interface is simple and clean, allowing for a quick, detailed check on all balances and transactions whether I’m halfway across the globe or standing in front of my branch. You can also perform all the standard “in-branch” functions such as making a deposit and transferring money between accounts in addition to paying bills and even finding the closest ATM.

I had never tried depositing a check on an app before, and at first, I was apprehensive. At last week’s gathering, I used my smartphone camera to take a photo of the front and back of a sample check and clicked “deposit.” Right away a notification alerted me that the check was received and deposited into a “sample account”. I was surprised at how easy and stress free the function was to use.

Another cool feature I really love is CreditWise. Typically, each time a vendor makes a credit query, there is a penalty of a few points against your credit score. With the Capital One Bank app, you can check your credit score once a week and use the interactive credit simulator to see ways to improve your credit score. Here’s a tip:  You don’t have to be a Capital One customer to use CreditWise. It’s free!


Last night really raised my comfort level with mobile banking. It is faster and much more convenient than driving to a brick and mortar branch, especially since I travel internationally so much.

I truly enjoyed meeting the enthusiastic people at Capital One. (They know how to put together a social gathering!) Their banking and credit card services really allow complete control of finances and bring incredible value with ease-of-use.

Altering daily habits is usually met with resistance, but give the Capital One Bank app a test spin. I’m sure you will change your opinion, as I did.


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