While Away, It’s Okay to Play: National Car Rental State of Business Travel Survey

Here’s some good news: Research from the first National Car Rental State of Business Travel Survey indicates frequent business travelers are displaying a healthy work-life balance while on the road. Eighty percent of business travelers surveyed said they take time for fun or personal activities while away on business.

More good news from the survey: 92 percent of the 750 bosses surveyed support their employees in taking time for personal or fun activities while traveling for business. In fact, business travelers report that they’re happier and more productive while on the road.

Do you take time out of your work schedule to plan for fun, personal activities while traveling for work? Your time is precious, so why not take advantage of your travels to go see or do something new?

Business Travel Tip #1: I generally extend my stay by a day or two on either the front or back end of my work trips to maximize my time in a city. For example, on my recent work trip to Vegas, I rented a car and used my spare time to tour Red Rock Canyon. Although it was only a 20-minute drive from all the neon lights, this National Conservation Area felt like a world away. The calming stillness and the mesmerizing red, scarlet and vermillion reinvigorated my soul, and I wanted to go back to work after I had this peaceful moment to myself. I wish that I’d also had time to drive a bit farther to the Seven Magic Mountains installation by Ugo Rondinone, but work called my name!

Business Travel Tip #2: Schedule the parts of your trip that can be planned in advance – such as reserving a rental car. While visiting Las Vegas, having access to my own car provided the flexibility to come and go as I pleased. Along with visiting Red Rock Canyon, I was able to catch several great Vegas shows, and had easy access to parking/valet service. Although it’s not always possible, try to make a few plans to help structure your trip, but try to remain as flexible (and patient) as possible. Weather can change things. Road conditions can change things. Bosses can change things.

Business Travel Tip #3: According to the survey, 79 percent of business travelers use smartphones to help master the business travel game. Apps and loyalty programs can give you an advantage in snagging great benefits – such as discounts, coupons and shortcuts for the business traveler. I suggest joining National’s Emerald Club and download the app, which provides many great tools to make business travel easier.

How much are you planning to travel for business this year? National Car Rental State of Business Travel Survey reports ninety percent of business travelers are planning to travel at the same amount or more in 2018. What tips can you share for making business travel easier and more enjoyable? How do you avoid long lines? Do you have any travel hacks or shortcuts?

I challenge you to add a bit of fun on your next business trip. Share your travel routine shake-ups and hacks on social by tagging @NationalPro on Twitter or leaving a comment below. We can’t wait to hear your feedback!

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*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for National Car Rental. The opinions are solely my own.




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