Luxury Lodging – Tips from My Stay at Some of the Best Hotels in the World

#1 The Jefferson in Washington, D.C.

The next time you visit Washington, D.C., you may want to check out The Jefferson, a boutique jewel and historic gem. Established in 1923, The Jefferson has sat at the corner of 16 and M St., NW. That puts it four blocks north of the White House and with easy access to the Smithsonian museum, must-see monuments, and hallowed memorials.

The Book Room is 500 square feet of cozy with books on the topic of, what else, Thomas Jefferson lining the walls. Some of the tomes are autographed by the author. There is the incredible Greenhouse with its famous brunch menu. It’s where I enjoyed the best Lobster Eggs Benedict. Ever. The meal and ambience reminded me of Paris, and I loved the quaint, garden alcove table.

TIP: Order a basket of the flaky croissants.

The Presidential Suite @thejefferdondc overlooks the Washington Monument. Views don’t get much better than this. I remember feeling, “Ahh … I never want to leave.”

TIP: You can negotiate your hotel rate for a longer stay. Guess how much a Presidential Suite runs per night? Try $8,000+. Yes, each night.

#2 Four Seasons Hotel Ritz in Lisbon, Portugal

I have visited Lisbon a number of times and always have stayed at lovely properties. The @fslisbon Four Seasons was the perfect calming and gentle place to debark from my incredible cruise with #MSEuropa2. The Four Seasons has an ideal location for sight-seeing and discovering the greener and quieter side of Lisbon. The sprawling Eduardo VII Park is great for a power-walk or stroll with your camera. By chance, I stumbled into a Michelin Star restaurant to get a drink. The café was perfect for watching the locals. Don’t quote me on this, but I believe I walked 20,000 steps while exploring this beautiful neighborhood.

The hotel’s lounge area was decorated with the creative use of white orchids spilling over. I love how fresh flowers make the room come alive whenever you visit @fslisbon. It felt like I was sitting in a garden.

It might seem redundant to say this is a very beautiful Four Seasons property. Not all locations are equal, though. I tend to be drawn more to the international locations.


TIP: I was looking for a great spot to take sunset shots in Lisbon. Well, I didn’t have to go very far as one of the best sunset views was right outside of the gym at @fslisbon. (It did not matter that I wasn’t dressed for a run around the track.)

#3 La Sommita Relais in Ostuni, Italy

A hilltop village filled with whitewashed buildings, Ostuni is not to be missed. And the La Sommita Relais is the pace to stay. With only 15 rooms and suites available, and each with unique décor, the hotel has the hushed feel of timeless luxury and old money. Plus, there’s a wellness approach to the property without the dictatorial vibe that spas sometimes possess. Think sauna, whirlpool, solarium, terrace, garden, bike riding …

I discovered Ostuni on my Zonin Italian Wine Tour last summer. I long to return to this unique and special Italian town for a longer visit. I highly recommend it.

TIP: Wine taste! When in Italy, do as the Italians do and drink wine.

#4 Four Seasons Paris/Hotel George V in Paris, France

Parisian glam is hard to beat! My dream is to live in the City of Lights for an entire season someday. I’ve made multiple trips to Paris. I remember before my first time visiting wondering “what’s all the fuss about.” Now, Paris is my mistress, with her architecture mesmerizing me at every turn, the haute couture, exquisite design, and romance oozing everywhere. I would love to spend the next Christmas in this sparkly city.

I fell in love with the Four Seasons Paris Hotel George V @fsparis. How could I not with its attention to detail and right-off-the- Champs-Elysées location. Hotel George V epitomizes comfort and indulgence. Can you imagine 12,000 fresh flowers arriving weekly and arranged into a rotating themed garden? C’est magnifique!

TIP: Staying at 5-Star establishment is always an incredible experience, however not all properties are proportionately equal. Before investing your money for a stay of a lifetime, think about what you want from the hotel. Location versus room size versus amenities versus family-oriented versus, and, well, you get the picture.

Have you visited any of these destinations? Where was your favorite stay in 2018? Any tips you’d like to share with us?

Thank you for traveling with me. It’s been a wonderful trip.

Until next time …

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