Social Media Influence – How Big Brands Build Community and Loyalty

Social Media Influence

Discover how influencer marketing has evolved, as well as what the perfect formula for a successful collaboration. These answers are beneficial to fashion and beauty influencers, as well as for brands wanting to work with digital content creators.

Forbes magazine article “Who Are The Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers” in 2013, thrust me onto the radar screens of the social media and travel industries. Today, however, I am a writer, digital content creator, and brand consultant.

How Big Brands Build Community and Loyalty

Recently, Julia Cohen of LaunchMetrics interviewed me for their #StateofInfluence series. Not only was it a fun interview, I learned a lot and was very flattered to be asked. Following is a synopsis of the interview. Be sure to read it in its entirety here. You’ll learn lots, too.  


It seems the recurring theme in social media is having clients understand that “the-one-and-done” campaign isn’t going to work. When I worked with a group of Digital Content Creators for a healthcare company in Philadelphia, who wanted advice in launching their new initiatives, their main takeaway was social media works best when it is a long-term campaign rather than a one-off assignment. Long-term relationships build loyalty and consistent messaging. 

“What’s the perfect formula for a successful collaboration?”

Julia asked me, “What’s the perfect formula for a successful collaboration?” My answer was to reiterate: Long-term campaigns, then adding to compensate your marketer. Compensate them for their creativity and talent. Giving a free product does not pay the bills nor does working on commission. A brand benefits from a marketer’s years of hard work and their community of loyal followers. 

The #StateofInfluence

The #StateofInfluence series offers valuable insights from industry professionals on the State of Influencer Marketing, such as which channels and type of content perform best by industry. There also is info on what tiers of influence perform best. More than 600 professionals and 200 influencers gave input on the most effective strategies in digital marketing to create true value.


Want to know how influencer marketing has evolved of the past few years? For me, it has been receiving the most direct and engaged question via social media. Other influencers’ opinions are available at #StateofInfluence. The Q&A’s are quite useful for influencers as well as for brands wishing to work with Digital Content Creators.


You can get the big picture with the entire report, The State of Influencer Marketing: Special Focus On Fashion, Luxury & Cosmetics. It’s a must-read if you want to learn more about this year’s influencer marketing report. Get your free copy here.


Thank you, Julia Cohen for including me in your #StateofInfluence series with LaunchMetrics. I hope everyone finds my interview useful.



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