Mural, Mural on the wall; Here’s the Top 10 of Them All

Top ten murals from my travel around the world.

Walk with me as I share the top ten murals from my travel around the world. Destinations include Annapolis, Nashville and Osaka.

For as long as homo sapiens have roamed the earth, there have been murals. Maybe longer. Art historians can’t be sure, but they estimate the prehistoric drawings go back at least 40,000 years. Our ancestors painted, scratched, and carved them on boulders and cave ceilings and walls, among other surfaces. According to Eric Jonsson, These ancient murals typically depict the activities of a particular civilization’s people, encapsulating a moment in time, and range from scenes of hunting, gathering, and family life.

For a traveler as myself, murals are fascinating as they appear around the globe Mesopotamia; Sulawesi, Indonesia; India; the Chauvert, Niaux and Lascaux caves in France; and Egypt, to name a few.

Half of the fun for me is tracking down wall murals. However, some people want the coordinates of the wall art. I can provide general locations in this post for you. You will have to do some wall hunting yourself.

Look at the geo-tag on photo, enter this in Google, plus the description of the art piece. Example: Little Italy + NYC + Audrey Hepburn and an article should pop up about the artist. Also, expand the image on IG and, most of the time, the address will be included in image.

I started getting into wall art last year on my travels. I featured wing-themed art by artist @kelseymontagueart quite a bit on my social media channels. She is global and I chased down all her work on my visit with @visitphoenix

I like her art as it is designed to be interactive, and sometimes the artistry includes smaller designs for children and infants, too.

Here are my Top 10 murals from my travels.

Although we have so many great ones in the Washington, D.C. area, I want to highlight different locations. I chose these pieces for the design or the meaning each wall art may provide.


Embassy Row hotel D.C.


The Global Angel Wings Project created in 2012 to remind humanity that we are the Angels of this Earth

My first wall mural post is from my hometown back in November 2017, The Global Angel Wings Project created in 2012 to remind humanity that we are the Angels of this Earth by @colettemillerwings.

To be great, be whole; Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that is not you. Be whole in everything. Put all you are Into the smallest thing you do. So, in each lake, the moon shines with splendor Because it blooms up above.


This beautiful door can be found at the LXFactory. A great place to hang out for half a day or the entire day. You can go shopping here, shop and listen to a live band while you dine. Behind me is a poem from Fernando Pessoa. Do you know his work? I love it.

Roosevelt Rows Art District

Roosevelt Rows Art District

I love the Roosevelt Row Arts District. I had a terrific tour with Billy Oxford, AZPC, who will show you the best of the city while catering to your art preferences.

Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis, Maryland

Bonjour friends! Is this Paris, France or Annapolis, Maryland? Have you visited either destination?

Once the capital of Maryland for 350 years, Annapolis is a great town to visit and it is very pedestrian friendly. There are many seafood restaurants downtown, but a little trek away on a small tributary of the Severn River is the gem Cantler’s Riverside Inn.

12 Avenue South Nashville, TN


12 Avenue South Nashville, TN

12th Avenue South is a half-mile stretch of pedestrian friendly neighborhoods in Nashville with many pretty wall murals. Wander around, and let your eyes do the walking behind cafes for those hidden art pieces.

Dotonbori District, Osaka


Dotonbori District, Osaka

Murals are a traditional art first used on ancient cave walls as a method of communication. Nowadays, popularity of this art has peaked thanks to Instagram. Do you agree?

I found this mural while walking around the Dotonbori district.

By artist @kelseymontagueart

The wing-themed art by artist @kelseymontagueart is designed to be interactive, to be posed with on Instagram. She also made two smaller designs for children and infants. Dogs can partake in the instawall craze too.

The Mosaic District in Virginia

I have a big heart for golden retrievers so this one has to be included in my Top 10. This wall can be found at The Mosaic District in Virginia. There are many wall photo ops here.


10 Fun Colorful Wall Murals in One Location Mosaic District (Virginia)

Caffe Romma

Caffe Romma

I tracked down this beautiful wall art of Audrey Hepburn by @tristaneaton. I look forward to featuring more work from this artist.


Highline NYC

You may not consider this a wall mural. Well, the frame is painted and the wall is painted by Mother Nature. This beautiful piece can be found along the @highlinenyc

An abandoned rail line became a landmark of the city, called The High Line. A great place to get your steps in, the elevated trail covers 1.7 miles of beautiful flowers, architecture and art. If you know me, I love that. You can climb down the stairs approximately every two blocks if you are tired. But I walked all 1.7 miles as this was such a treat to stroll through.

Although it was a quick walk along this innovative trail during my recent visit, the next time, I will start from the Southern point opposite, The Vessel at the North end. Why? Because, I want to see it from a different perspective. Ideally, a fall landscape will be delightful.

There are many art installations along the trail. And it isn’t just in the pathway. I hope to return soon to explore this incredible footpath. Have you been here yet?

Although, I only listed 10 murals in this article, they will lead you to a treasure trove of other wall murals. Happy wall hunting and don’t forget to look around.



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