Fairmont Copley Plaza — Where the Best of Boston Begins

Fairmont Copley Plaza — Where the Best of Boston Begins

Here’s something you may not know about me: Years ago, my first job out of college was in Portsmouth, NH. I have loved New England ever since and always have wanted to stay at the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston thanks to images on Instagram.

Where to stay in Boston with a “European” vibe?

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, in this case, pictures can’t paint all the details, nooks, and crannies of this elegant hotel. The Fairmont Copley Plaza must be seen in person.

What famous movies have been filmed here?

Since opening in 1912, the hotel has been an icon of Bostonian elegance, as evidenced by its who’s who guest list, including most U.S. presidents since Taft, international dignitaries and royalty, as well as Hollywood A-Listers. If the hotel looks familiar, it could be that you have seen it on the big screen. It was used for location shots in “The Firm” and “Blown Away,” among others.

When you visit this beautiful property, see if you can find the hidden bar from the days of prohibition.

Upon entering the hotel, the feel is as if you are walking through Europe. The blue and gold rotunda-lined marble entryway is stunning, and the general look and feel are quite regal. The architecture is classic, and the interior design is understated elegance — gold, marble, and timeworn. Despite its upper crust status, the Fairmont Copley is very welcoming, even for those in casual attire.

See video for suite tour:

I was lucky enough to be hosted in a suite that was quite spacious. The two-room suites overlook Copley Square. It was comfortable to order carry-out as I was in the mood for Japanese steak and shrimp fried rice, and since it was raining, I stayed in for the night and watched a movie in the living room. By the way, a big thanks to the concierge for her great take-out recommendation.

Where to shop in Boston?

For exploring, the Fairmont Copley Plaza’s Back Bay location is close to  must-see destinations for first-time visitors. It’s also close to Newbury Street with its boutiques. This street is quite the “Shopping Mecca” experience. I only window shopped, as I am saving at the moment for more travel experiences rather than things.

Photo inspired by:  The Birth of Venus by:  Sandro Botticelli Creative Director Photography: @livviolette

If you want a European-vibe fix, I suggest spending a long weekend at this property. The European vibe is just one of the reasons you must stay at the Fairmont Copely

Boston Public Library

Meanwhile, take the opportunity and skip across the way to the Boston Public Library. What a treat that place is! No surprise, I suppose, given Boston’s reputation as the place for higher education. I had seen beautiful photos of this library from Instagram, but I had no idea that such a grand library could be located in the U.S. I need to revisit this book palace without my camera to take in the details of the bibliotheca. Also, there is a tearoom, which I walked by quickly. You may want to have tea at this alluring café (and maybe I’ll see you there).

Do you know which library 📚 has the largest collection in the world?

As we walked through the library’s courtyard, we were treated to an opera concert with beautiful live Italian singers. Bonus: The male lead was handsome, too. It’s these pockets of surprises that makes travel such a delight for me.

Tip: Outside the hotel, make sure to tour with @beyond_times_square. Ask for Mitch. He was my narrator for my Instastories. Be sure that he speaks loud enough for your audience.

Someone private messaged me to ask if Boston was as beautiful as my shared images and videos. I had to answer “Yes!” It is a city steeped in history, and has the nickname of Bean Town. Boston is very pretty. The skyline is gorgeous, flowerbeds are colorful, and public gardens are plentiful. Plus, it’s a walking/talking textbook of the story of the United States.

Thank you @nsdestinations for recommending and arranging my stay at this exquisite property.

What is your dream destination?

Have you visited Boston? I have more to share of Boston on another post. Stay tuned …


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