How to Stand Out on Social Media in 7 Steps

Want to get noticed on all your social channels?

Here are some basic steps to help you achieve just that. I hope these fundamental points will jump-start your 2020!

The first simple but important step…

The first simple but important step to do is click the follow button. If you don’t follow people, they are not going to follow you—unless you are a superstar! We’ll count this piece of advice as a freebie. Following are my seven transparent easy steps:

☆ Post, Pin, or Tweet quality topics that everyone enjoys.

I stress quality because an extraordinary image will pique my interest. Then your witty caption will keep me lingering, and perhaps then I will stay on your page to peruse.

☆ Try to provide a variety of shareable content.

Why? Because we want options to read, just like we have 300 channels to choose from on TV or millions of movies to watch on Netflix.

☆ Be generous with your commenting, repinning, retweeting and in time you will be noticed.

Why? Well, after all, it is hard to have a one-way conversation.

☆ Pay it forward when possible and recognize people who have been frequently generous with you.

Or pay it forward when you find great and unique content to share. These days, I have been spending a lot of my time on Pinterest. When I find a great read, not only will I repin but will share the article in other social channels.

☆ Your Retweeters, Instagrammers, and Pinteresters will love to frequent your page to find and share quality images and content.

Again … I stress quality. Don’t be lazy with your images. Challenge yourself to create fun and creative photos and content.

☆ Try to find someone new each day to repin, retweet, converse with and expand your social channels’ circle.

Otherwise, how will you grow?

☆ If you want to get someone’s attention, keep re-pinning consecutive pins.

“How many?” you may ask. As many quality pins and articles as you can read. If you don’t have time to read, at least skim through the article before blindly sharing content that may not align with your page. I read or skim through all the articles I share. After all, I am endorsing someone else’s work.

And keep loading those genuine comments on their accounts, I promise you will get noticed. I stress genuine, and not the typical “you, look beautiful babe.” Yuck! I cringe when I see that on my page.

If you didn’t get their attention the first round, rinse and repeat a few times. Move on if they live in their own alternate universe.

I am always happy to return the favor when I see someone take the time to be generous with me. I’m sure most of us are inclined to do the same.

The more you frequent, re-share, and engage with other people’s content, the more your user handle or image will appear on other peoples’ pages, which in turn will give you more exposure to their followers.

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Want to know more about me or how influencer marketing has evolved in the past few years? I invite you to watch my TEDx Talk.

Thank you for your kind and generous time. I truly appreciate your support! ツ




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